Video Bytes of the Week

I could’ve gone with the obvious Halloween theme this week, but I figure you’ve probably had your fill of it from other sites. Instead, I ended up with a few music related videos.

Not a lot of words this week, and only one Halloween related video. Be sure to check out the A Thousand Words video – one of my favorites.

Useful Dog Tricks

We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Sammy, this time last year. Sammy, we miss you!! 😦 This video reminded me of him except he wasn’t nearly as helpful with household chores. He sure knew how to make each one of us feel special though.

MarleyLa (Marley/Fugees/Roots)

I spent way too much time watching and listening to all his videos. Nice.

A Thousand Words

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video remains one of my all-time favorites along with Signs. It’s been in my sidebar forever and I’d bet you never even noticed it there.

TRON: Legacy – Derezzed video

More great footage from the upcoming TRON movie and music from Daft Punk (thanks James, for letting me know) – love it! This is an IMAX 3D must-see. I have got to find an IMAX theater around here!

Usher – There goes my baby (Violin Cover)

Okay. I’m one of those annoying people who gets a song stuck in their head and plays it over and over and over… and over again. Usher’s song, There Goes My Baby, has been that song for me. I came across Eric Stanley’s cover of the song and loved it. Then I discovered that his brother, Marcus (pianist), and sister Anhayla (guitarist), also had covers. This is one talented family!!

What’s This???

Meet Jack. He’s the Pumpkin King. He’s also bored and wonders if he’s doomed or destined to be in charge of Halloween forever. Then he discovers Christmas Town.

My kids have seen it at least a dozen times, maybe forcibly so, since it’s one of my favorite animated films.


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