Halloween Is Coming!

I learn something new every day. I came across this graphic a few days ago and thought I’d pass it along.

Who knew Halloween was the third biggest party day of the year? Not me.

Now where’s my candy?

You can click on the image to get a bigger look.

Facts About Halloween [Via: HalloweenExpress.com]

[Pumpkins Image Via]


One thought on “Halloween Is Coming!

  1. Halloween is my LEAST favorite holiday. I actually don’t celebrate it at all. I think that’s because it was my DAD’S least favorite holiday. He said it was just a chance for kids to go around begging for candy and he would not have his kids begging for anything. But it goes even deeper than that. I think it has been WAAAYY too commercialized and too much emphasis put on playing pranks and wearing costumes. I like a harvest festival, but NOT Halloween.

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