Movie Review – Paranormal Activity 2

O-M-G! That was so good y’all! Although it wasn’t necessary to see the first one, I think seeing the first one made it even better for me. The two together are going down as a couple of the scariest movies I’ve seen.

I don’t care much for slasher movies because I spend most of my time thinking about how they made all that blood or the makeup used to make gashes and cuts and bruises. But these two movies mess with your head and are totally scary. I got so engrossed in both of them and found myself sitting on the edge of the seat.

In the first movie, I felt like I was watching the life of an ordinary family through the lens of a video camera. There weren’t any sex scenes that you see in so many horror films, and very little cursing too. That didn’t change for the second movie.

Paranormal Activity

They did a great job with tying the first and second movies together. In fact, I will even go far as saying that the second one is better because of the way they did tie it to the first movie. If I had to say anything negative about the second movie, it would be that they didn’t allude to, or let you know, where the daughter was. I didn’t even think about where she was until they told me and then I was like “What? I didn’t even know she was gone.”

Paranormal Activity 2

I, along with a few other girls in the theater, screamed and it didn’t happen just once. It happened a few times. Me screaming because of a movie doesn’t happen very often.

You know how, in most horror films, there’s that point in the movie when you say to yourself “You’re the next to die” or “Don’t go in there. You know he/she/it’s going to get you…. Aaah yep. I told you so, you frickin’ idiot.”? I didn’t get that with either of these movies and I think that’s another reason why I liked it so much and why it was so scary to me.

If you love scary movies, definitely go. see. this. movie! I’m giving this movie a 5 out of 5 stars because they managed to make me scream more than once and because the second movie was probably better than the first. How many sequels can you say that about?


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2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Paranormal Activity 2

  1. I like that you did this write-up on “Paranormal Activity 2”. Coming from someone who LOVED the first one in it’s amateurish but effective sense of dread during the entire flick. I haven’t watched the second one yet but will (!) soon.

  2. I did not get scared until the end of the first one. I do not like scary movies, not since seeing the Exorcist when I was maybe nine…which screwed me up for many months afterwards. My kids do, though, so I suppose I will see it. Thank you for the heads up! 😉

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