Video Bytes of the Week

I come across quite a few videos during the week. Basically, this is a recap of my favorite videos this week and videos shared with me throughout the week. If I shared them on Twitter or Facebook, you will probably find it here too. Feel free to grab a drink and/or a snack. I’ll wait right here for you.



The Mp3 Experiment Seven

Imagine playing a secret game of Simon Says with hundreds of other people.

What Teachers Make

Yes! I love this (thanks for sharing it, Molly)

Parachuting Into Michigan Stadium

It’s not often you get a view like this, but the coolest thing was hearing the crowd as he was coming into the stadium.

Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply

I’m sure you’ve seen that video by now. I had to add it to my list this week because Read Write Web added it to their Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time.

Sun Chips Compostable Chip Bag

I’ve bought a couple bags of Sun Chips since they came out with their compostable bag. The sound of the bag when you pick it up or move it is a little annoying, but who cares?

Berkeley Bionics: Introducing eLEGS

Oh how I love technology!

What was your favorite video last or even so far this week? Did you come across a video you’d like to share?


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