A Better Me – Wk. 18

The last time I posted something in this series, I said I was going to cut back on posting weekly updates. I said I would start updating on my progress about once a month. Well… as it turns out, that’s not going to work for me.

I went to the gym like I was supposed to. I ate like I was supposed to. Everything was great… for about two weeks. Then my husband left two weeks and I got lazy. Really lazy.

I haven’t been to the gym in about three weeks now. I’m thinking I’d better post updates more often. Not every week, but every other week should be good. Accountability is a good thing for me.


My eating habits haven’t really changed much, but my water intake has dropped drastically since the weather has changed. I’ve been drinking coffee. Not a lot of coffee, probably two cups a day, but that’s it. I mean not only have I not been drinking any water, but on average, all I’ve been drinking is two or three cups of coffee during the whole day and that’s just weird.

Weight Loss/Gain

As for weight loss/gain… well, I gained 4lbs. I had boasted a 6lb. weight loss on Facebook, but then gained 4lbs. the very next week. So as it stands right now, I’ve lost 11lbs., since I started blogging about it.

Working Out

I had big plans this weekend to participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I registered, received my participant number, and my t-shirt. I even ordered a second t-shirt online because the one they sent me was way too big. I was pumped to go… and then it all fell through suddenly and unexpectedly. But the good news on that is the Race for the Cure will be coming to Jackson, MS (only an hour or so drive away from me) on April 16, 2011. I will have to register for that event separately, but I don’t mind – good cause and all that.


  • I’ll be going back to the gym Monday night and get back on track;
  • I’ll post every other week;
  • I’ll have that one cup of coffee in the morning and I’ll work on drinking water the rest of the day;
  • Start taking my supplements again;
  • Sleep. I really need to sleep more. Just like a kid, I’m afraid I’ll miss something if I go to sleep. I’ve always been that way, but lately it’s been worse.

Here I go again.


One thought on “A Better Me – Wk. 18

  1. Okay, you slowed down and got off track. Now get back on there!! If it helps, I had to start drinking something that I LIKED in order to get my 64 oz. of liquid every day. So I started making this herbal tea concoction that I really like. I take 5 tea bags of Mint Medley, 2 tea bags of Catnip, and 1 tea bag of Rose Hips with about 1/4 cup of honey to a half gallon pitcher. I use half a pitcher of hot water and then let the tea steep for about an hour, then fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water and refrigerate it. I pour this concoction over ice and have a wonderfully refreshing glass of iced “tea”. It usually takes me about two hours to drink a full glass (16 oz.) of this so the ice melts during that time and I get a FULL 16 oz of liquid. It’s strong enough that the melting ice doesn’t make it watery, so you still get the flavor. I have 4 of these a day, plus 1 full 16 oz glass of skim milk and one 8 oz glass of orange juice and that gives me PLENTY of liquid for my day. There isn’t enough honey in the tea to make the calories count (maybe 10 calories per glass) and it’s just sweet enough to taste good without being sickeningly sweet. This is how I finally tricked myself into getting enough liquid. You can use any flavor you want, or just regular tea if you’re into that stuff (I’m not — I don’t like regular tea), but use something you LIKE. As for sleeping enough — I haven’t done that in probably 40 years, so I can’t tell you how to fix that one. I, too, am always afraid I’ll miss something important. There are nights when I only sleep about 3 hours and others I sleep 10 hours, and I never know which it’s going to be. Meds don’t help, so I just roll with it. I read — a LOT. You probably gained the weight because you weren’t drinking enough. Your body tries to compensate when you don’t get enough liquid, so it holds onto anything that has water in it and stores that so you don’t dehydrate. I know — I didn’t like that either when the doctor told me about it. It’s why I finally convinced myself I HAD to drink enough liquid. Water is really best for you, but I don’t like water that much. I will drink a glass or two every now and then to convince myself I still don’t like it, but the tea works best for me. I also drink those 0 calorie Lifewater drinks. My favorite is Fuji Apple Pear, but I also like the Mango Melon. They’re a little sweet so I have to be in the mood for them, but if I’m out or traveling, that’s what I get. Hang in there, Annie. Just because you slacked off for a while doesn’t mean you have to stop and feel defeated. I’m proud of you for wanting to stay with it. You CAN do it.

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