I’m Pretty Sure My Doll Was Homicidal

When I was a kid, I used to wonder if my dolls came to life. I would imagine that they would have their little tea parties and trade stories about how much fun they had when I played with them… or plot their escape from the walls of my bedroom.  Or wait… until I was asleep so they could tie me to my bed somehow and hold me down while the biggest doll would stab me in the eye or bite off big chunks of my body with razor sharp teeth (I know. Morbid, right?). But mostly, I would imagine them having tea parties. It wasn’t until I saw Trilogy of Terror or Magic, that I started imagining a doll coming to life to kill me. I digress.

After seeing movies like Toy Story, I’m sure most of our kids have wondered the same thing, “Do my toys come to life when I’m asleep or not around?” and “What do they do?” Here’s a practical how-to guide to help them figure it out for themselves.

I am guilty of making up stories about toys coming to life when the kids weren’t around, but I think I made it fun. When Andrew lost a toy, I’d tell him “Oh he probably just went out to visit one of the other toys next door” or “Maybe he got tired of you leaving him in the bathtub, so he left. He’s probably hiding under your bed.”

What do/did you tell your kids? Did or do you feed into the fantasy that toys come to life with some elaborate story?

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5 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure My Doll Was Homicidal

  1. My son is scared of the dark, so we let him line up his fantasy figures in front of the door and window at night. They are his elite force and will protect him. When I was a kid it was the clothes hanging in the closet. We do what we have to do to get through the night. Now I am not afraid of anything, except for what might happen to my children. Me, my husband, and Wolverine ..all that stands between them and danger.

  2. I used to believe my dolls all came alive at night. I also believed that “things” hid under my bed and were ready to pounce out and get me if my foot or arm went over the edge of the bed in my sleep. Nobody told me any of this, I just believed it. I still have a vivid imagination and sometimes I irrationally rush to turn on a light if I get up at night and go into the kitchen — I think the movie “Psycho” has something to do with that. I don’t remember ever telling my kids that their toys came alive, but I think they believed it, too. I know my son HAD to have his “mousie” before going to bed not matter where he was; and Anita HAD to have her favorite doll — whichever one it happened to be at any given time. I think it’s normal — whatever that is. And NO you’re NOT weird. Unless you want to be — in which case you’re a neat kind of weird.

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