Halloween 2010

Halloween is just around the corner. My ten year old son, Jacob, has informed me that he will not be participating in this years Halloween activities. This includes trick-or-treating. While I’m glad he came to this decision on his own (saves me from telling him this was his last year to go trick-or-treating), it makes me a little sad at the same time. I didn’t get to participate in Halloween activities growing up. Instead we were always the family that had eggs thrown at their house or finding toilet paper all over the yard or both.

When I had kids of my own, they became my excuse to do Halloween-ish things. Jacob has agreed to continue carving out pumpkins though, so I guess that’s something. Still, I’ll miss seeing him in costume. Speaking of costumes, check this out! If I could have or build one of these, I wouldn’t need to use the kids as an excuse.

We live far enough out of town (and off a fairly busy highway) that we don’t get trick-or-treaters anywhere near our home. The upside to this is I don’t have to decorate, or buy candy, or worry about kids getting too greedy with the candy I give out. The downside is I don’t get to decorate, buy yummy candy in hopes there are some left over, see all the costumes the kids are wearing this year, or scare the crap out of the older kids.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for any kind of Fall activities going on around here, otherwise Halloween is going to be like any other day for this family. I wonder if I can talk the family into going through a haunted house… oooo, I’ve never been through one. I’d love to do that.

What are your plans this year? Who is wearing what? Are you going out or staying in? Is there a Fall festival going on in your town? Hayrides anyone? Do you plan to visit a haunted house?


5 thoughts on “Halloween 2010

  1. We seldom ever do anything for Halloween, but we DO like Fall Festivals. We’ll probably have one around here somewhere. We do like to drive up to Queen Wilhelmena Lodge on the Talimena Drive. They always have something fun going on up there. We like to go to Wilburton, OK to their Fall Festival, too. They have trailers that you can ride from the parking area to the main event area. It’s like being on a hayride only more fun. I just LOVE fall! I love to do the Talimena Drive and look at all the fall colors and flowers. We try to do it every year. Our church does a program for the kids on Halloween but Wayne is usually working and I don’t care to go alone, so I don’t. It’s been so long since I did anything at Halloween, it’s become just another day for us. It’s just the day before Anita Jo’s birthday for me. Have fun. You will enjoy doing something fun with your son.

  2. We have already done the corn maze in town and there is an annual fall festival at the school to keep the kids out of trouble. This year we will be going to Arkansas to have a Halloween party in honor of Tarah’s Dad. I was hoping to see friends there, like you and your husband 😉 We always carve pumpkins, cause that is my fave. I like to dress up, but usually something easy. I just love the weather and doing something as a family. I love the whole season on into Thanksgiving and Christmas..I love love love it. We do not get trick-or-treaters either, so we always seek out a large neighborhood ..when they were smaller it was the rich neighborhood (better candy). Happy Halloween! Fall festivals at the church are fun too..but not for bigger kids. Be careful! And don’t forget, you get to do it all again with grandkids ..yay!!

    • Kim will be out there that weekend, but it was planned for him to go alone awhile ago. Meaning he’s got everything all planned out, which doesn’t involve me or Jacob, so we won’t be going.

      I like the whole pumpkin carving thing too. That will be a lot of fun to do with Jacob. I think the big plan for me and Jacob is to hit some of the trails around here and go hiking. We’ve even talked about camping (just him and me, since daddy doesn’t *do* camping). We will definitely be careful. I’m big on safety.

      Yes. Grandkids – what an awesome thought, to be able to have fun with some itty-bitty ones and throw ‘em back at the parents when I’m pooped. I look forward to those days.

      • Well, I hope we see him there. I am going to be hiking in our wildlife refuge with my husband soon. I did not think he would be interested, since he is usually tired when he comes home from work, but he is into it. He does like camping, but we never got the chance this year. Sorry you wont be going, we should get together in some way…a camping trip, heheh, make Kim rough it with us all. We do our canoe trip on the Buffalo every year and have a good camp spot. Then, of course, we are surrounded by all the parks around here and the KY lake is down the road. 🙂

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