A Better Me – Wk. 12 – My Daughter Is A Bad Influence

Talk about a slacker – that would be me. I’m really late in getting this post out, but I have good reason for it. My daughter was in town over the holiday and left only yesterday. So what does that mean as far as my progress? Well! Let me tell you, Lauren was a horrible influence on my the entire time she was here. I pigged out on food I really had no business touching… like fettuccine chicken with alfredo sauce – one of my weaknesses. [ still drooling ]

We talked about going to the gym together and then never did. Apparently, she came to do all her laundry and to derail me from my goal.

Seriously, I know it was my own fault. At least I didn’t gain any weight. In fact – believe it or not – I lost half a pound. Go figure. I’m beginning to wonder… It seems every time I eat like a pig, I lose weight and every time I’m really trying, I just kind of maintain. What’s up with that?

Anyway. I’ve been a little better at remembering to take my supplements. As for working out, there’s not much to report. Last week, I changed my calorie-burn goal from 1550 to 2200. My first week after I changed my goal and I only burned 1550 calories. Again, I’d like to put the blame on Lauren. Yeah. It was Lauren’s fault.

I thought I might start the C25k program again last week. I did not.

This Weeks Goals

– Snap back to reality and get back on track.

– Take my supplements… every day!!

– Be more consistent with my eating… and eat more.

– Continue to put in 60 minutes on the elliptical – maybe even bump it up a notch to level 7 [gasps]

– Get over my fear of looking like an idiot and get my ass on those machines again – actually go in and have one of the employees walk through them with me.

– Bump up calorie-burn goal from 1550 to 2200

Another half of a pound lost. So far, a total of 8.5lbs. lost. That’s it for week 12. I’m moving forward. Thanks for keeping up with me.


2 thoughts on “A Better Me – Wk. 12 – My Daughter Is A Bad Influence

  1. Hey, we all need to take a break every now and then just to catch our breath and remember what eating is all about. So you spent some quality time with your daughter and you ENJOYED YOURSELF! So what!? Are you going to forget the whole thing and go back to your old ways, or are you going to pick up where you left off and get back down to business and go back to working at reaching your goal? Either choice you make will be the right one FOR YOU. You have to decide which you want more — your old way of life, or a new you. Just know that whatever choice you make, some of us are going to go on loving you and supporting you no matter what. Love you bunches, Annie.

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