All That Muscle Swallowed His Brain [Edited and Revised]


This was an experiment. An experiment in different writing styles for me. I’m still trying to find my style – whatever that means. This post in particular, was a lot of fun for me. I really liked the idea of leaving it up to you – the reader – to figure out what happened. The comments left behind were so different from one another. Now, I’m going to edit the hell out of this to let you know how I interpreted everything that went on. Let’s see if your interpretation of what happened changes after you see the revisions. Revisions will be in bold and in red. Also, this updating/revising is an experiment for me. Let me know what you think. I believe this will help me later.

Since I go to the gym later than most, I’m usually able to get one of the three parking spaces at the front door. Last night wasn’t any different. I pulled into one of the parking spaces and put the car in park. Just as I was pulling into the space, I noticed a big, buff guy [ I’ll call him Sam ] at the door trying to get in. He’s obviously having problems with his key card. I didn’t want to just let him in so I take my time getting out of the car, thinking he’ll either be able to get the card to work, or he’ll go away. Well, neither was happening and he was still trying to get in.

So I decide to go ahead and let him [ Sam ] in. After all, I’d seen him more than a dozen times and know he ‘belongs’.

As I’m getting out of the car, buff guy no. 2 [ I’ll call him Joe ] (who I’ve also seen more than a dozen times) – from the inside – opens the door for buff guy no. 1 [ Sam ]. I pause, expecting the two to walk on in and let the door close behind them, then I can go ahead and swipe my card and let in myself. But the buff guy [ Sam ] with the crappy key card is holding the door open for me. I take another pause. Now he’s [ Sam’s ] held the door open a second too long, making it clear he’s holding it open for me. So I proceed to go in. “Thanks” I say to him [ Sam ] as he gives me a nod and a smile.

Both of these guys are talking to each other. The first one [ Sam ] explaining to the second [ Joe ] that his key card is really old. Buff guy no. 2 [ Joe ] makes eye contact with me for a second and the three of us are kind of walking together, then buff guy no. 1 [ Sam ] splits off to wherever.  And buff guy no. 2 [ Joe ] is now standing between me and my elliptical (yes, I’ve secretly claimed one – and don’t you dare get on it if I’m there). I start to walk around him [ Joe ] to the machine when he stops me and says…

Dude: Buff guy no. 2 [ Joe ]:  “Do you have your key?” [ as he gives me the once-over from head to toe  ]

Me: “Yeah. Why?”

Dude: Buff guy no. 2 [ Joe ]:  “Well, you have to swipe your card to get in.” [ cocks his head a little like I’m an idiot and he’s caught me with my hand in the cookie jar, then rolls his eyes ]

Me: “Ummm… Okay.” [Walks back to the front door, waits for it to close, swipe the key card and goes back in]

Dude: Buff guy no. 2 [ Joe ]:  [waiting for me to come back in] “Ya know… it’s just so it registers you coming in” [ he stumbles over his words to justify what he just did ]

Me:  “Oh yeah. Sure.” [smiles and nods]

I finally get on the elliptical, put my ear-buds in and start my workout, totally annoyed.

I’m on the elliptical now for a couple of minutes when I see him [ Joe ] out of the corner of my eye. I look over and yep. He’s [ Joe’s ] just looking at me [ obviously looking for something to say to make things okay ]. I make eye contact with him [ Joe ], roll my eyes and shake my head, then continue with my workout. I see him [ Joe ] leave about ten minutes later.

So WTF happened here?! I know the gym didn’t “register” buff guy no. 1 [ Sam ] for the night. I tried to giving you just the facts when I wrote this and not my interpretation of the looks I was given. And going on facts alone, I want to know what you think happened. Let’s hear it.


Are you more confused than ever now? Or did that make it a little clearer? Thank you for taking the time to read through this whole thing again. And believe me, any comments you leave are very much appreciated. You could be helping me become a writer. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “All That Muscle Swallowed His Brain [Edited and Revised]

  1. that is why i prefer to work out at home…lol…i do not want anyone bothering me cause i would have popped off at this guy. i am sure he thought he was flirting with you, jeez men are stupid.

  2. Holy smokes! You guys are GREAT!! I really didn’t expect the comments to be so different from one another. This all makes me laugh and I will have to do a follow-up blog to this! Maybe tomorrow.

  3. You’re to sensitive. Let it go. Who cares. Fuck ’em. That’s my philosophy. If buff guy #2 knew you were still pissed, he’d probably be happy. Your anger gives him power over you. 🙂

  4. 1. Assuming buff guy #2 isn’t gay. Might he just wanted to see your but as you walked away. With all that eye contact going on and as you were working out on your elliptical he might have been computing/processing the information he visually ingested. Slipping into a state of daydream.

    2. If #2 is gay, having deduced #1’s card inoperable having him walk from to and from the door again just to see #1’s but would seam gratuitous.

    3. Perhaps #2 was recalling on a woman he believes he also had seen more than a dozen times
    but something seemed amiss, somethings different. Maybe a changed or changing woman.
    A more powerful, youthful, revitalized looking woman. One who walks differently then previous encounters. A woman exuding pheromones of confidence permeating the air is bound to attract attention of the same species.

    4. Or maybe #2 is just a human holding the door open for another human. #2 knows #1’s card doesn’t work so having him go back is pointless. Asking you to not so.
    As for #2 just looking at you maybe he was in deep thought of…….. his 4 year old twin boys in the burn ward The Specialty Hospital of Meridian with skin graphs covering 96% of their bodies, and how he is now going to dispose of his own mother dead body the one responsible for putting the twins in the hospital to begin with. All this coincidentally with his head in your direction and his eyes wide open?…………… maybe

  5. Annie, be very careful about this guy — the one watching you. He sounds pretty creepy to me. It may be the former law enforcement training coming out in me, but I don’t like the way he acted. Does your key card have personal information on it? Was he trying to get your personal information? He may be getting ideas he shouldn’t be having. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to take someone with you for a few days when you go to the gym — just as a precaution. I really wouldn’t want to read about you in the newspapers, if you know what I mean. I don’t trust a lot of people who act suspiciously, and he was acting suspiciously.

  6. Well if he called you dude, that in itself seems wierd to me, calling a woman dude. Unless he is half blind or mybe all the steroids have just fried his brain cells. lol

    I assume he was probably just distracted by the fact that his card didnt work and you walking in the door. Then his brain cell kick in and he real ized that he should not of held the door open for you.

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