A Better Me – Week Ten

I’ve noticed that the weeks I haven’t lost any weight, have been the same weeks when mother nature comes to visit. Although it’s kind of depressing, it makes sense. I really wanted to start the C25K program again, but I didn’t feel like my left leg was ready for it just yet. I feel I’m ready now, but my schedule this week is kind of strange. So I’ll start week twelve. It doesn’t look like I’ll be in the 5k race, as a runner, in October. I won’t be ready for it yet, but I will walk it. And, if memory serves, there is a 3k race right here, in town, in November and I should be able to participate in that.


I feel good. I feel a bit like I’m on automatic pilot, but it’s okay. I’m not losing weight in record speed or anything, but I’m okay with that. It took over ten years to gain all this weight. If it takes a year to lose it… well, that’s not so bad, is it? I know there’s this big push to “lose weight NOW!”, “lose weight FAST!”. Eh. I’m going to lose the weight – there’s no doubt about that. Why do I have to worry about how fast I lose it? I have another 40lbs. to lose. There are 52 weeks in a year. I figure one pound a week (give or take)… If I am 40lbs. lighter this time next year, I will very, very happy. =)


I am getting stronger and stronger everyday. I have had to kick it up a notch on the elliptical. When I first started, my HRM (heart rate monitor) would always show I had burned more calories than whatever machine I was on, said. Not anymore though. Now, my HRM shows anywhere between 10-30 calories below what the machine (the elliptical for me these days) would show. The HRM is always right.

Working Out

I surpassed my calorie-burn goal last week.  I even increased the resistance on the elliptical from level 5 to level 6 and am now doing that for 50 minutes each workout. I haven’t gotten on the other machines yet. I don’t know why. That’s a lie… Honestly, most times I’m at the gym, I’m the only woman there now surrounded by all these buff guys and I don’t want to look like a complete idiot. Okay. There ya have it. I know I have to get over it. I will. Just give me a minute.

This week I want to share with you the stuff I use. First and most importantly is my heart rate monitor. A couple of years ago, I bought the Polar F6 and I tell ya, it was/is the best investment I’ve made. There are much fancier and maybe even better HRM’s on the market now, but I still love mine. If you’re in the market for an HRM, then be sure you get one that actually has a chest strap. The F6 will tell you what your heart rate zones for light, moderate, and hard activities. I know my target heart rate zone for a hard workout is between 138-152 (I usually hover between 164 – 172).

Some kind of MP3 player is a must for me in or out of the gym. I seriously have three or four iPod’s around the house. For the gym, I use the iPod nano(mine is the pretty pink one). I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my tunes to keep me going during workouts. I also have a Griffin iClear armband that comes with a hard plastic casing that surrounds my iPod so it doesn’t get all sweaty.

Earbuds are also very important to me. I used to have a really nice pair made by Sony, but I made the mistake of letting my son use it once. He managed to lose one of the ear cushions and I haven’t replaced it yet. I settled with some Skullcandy earbuds for $20. I’ve been pretty happy with them.

I’ve already mentioned how important shoes are in Week Seven. My favorite brand is the Saucony. Everyone is different and every set of feet is different. Finding and choosing a shoe that fits is well worth the time and money.

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Continue to put in 50 minutes on the elliptical

– Get over my fear of looking like an idiot and get my ass on those machines again

No weight loss to report this week. So far, a total of eight pounds lost. That’s it for week ten. I’m moving forward. Thanks for keeping up with me.

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4 thoughts on “A Better Me – Week Ten

  1. I love love your attitude! Great job and keep it up! I don’t think those “buff” guys are looking at you because they are probably obsessed with themselves….but I get you girl, that is why I have a huge treadmill in my living room. I do not use mine for a clothes hanger. I get on the damn thing every day, okay, every day I can get motivated. I promise I do. I am 27 lbs down with three left to make my goal (and then ten more to make my secret goal). Get on those machines. I told you it is about maintaining, when your metabolism is working and you are keeping it off then it will keep coming off. I am going to look into that HRM, I have blood pressure problems that I have been avoiding talking to a doctor about..so yeah, I am not taking care of myself very well. I am determined to get back in shape though, no matter what! We will do it! Time to hit the treadmill.

  2. I’m proud of you, Annie! You’re keeping it up at the time when most people lose interest. You have to REALLY want this and that makes me very proud. You’ll reach your goal if you don’t give up. Love you!

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