A Better Me – Week Nine

I just got home from the gym not too long ago (beginning of week 10). Damn! I feel good. Why is it so hard for me to get to the gym when I know how good I always feel once I get out of there? Why is it a struggle every single day? I don’t get it. Someone, somewhere, must’ve stuck it in my head that going to the gym or exercising was a bad thing, when I was a kid. I remember doing all kinds of things when I was a kid. We didn’t really have a choice but to be outside and find something to do. So at what time in my life did physical activity become taboo?

How do I train my brain to think differently? I want to think like I did when I was a kid. I remember sitting at home for more than an hour used to drive us crazy. If we (my three younger sisters and I) weren’t outside doing cartwheels, we were jumping rope, or racing each other. If we were in the middle of nowhere, we were picking berries or swinging off grapevines or floating down the river. Something. There was always something to do. So what happened? How do I get that way of thinking back?

I did some digging, hoping to find some suggestions or tips on how I might be able to train my brain to think differently, but according to WebMD, I’m probably too dumb to figure it out anyway because I don’t exercise enough. I did come up with some off-the-wall self-hypnosis stuff. I’m sorry, you want me to stare at this spiraling image for how long? Or do you seriously think I am going to listen to subliminal messages while I sleep? No. I don’t think so. If that worked for everyone, I’d be thin, healthy, drop-dead gorgeous, and have more money than Donald Trump… and so would everyone else.

Anyway, I don’t really have much to report this week. I only burned half of the 1550 calories I was supposed to burn. That’s probably because I only went to the gym twice last week. No reason. No excuses. No weight lost. No good.

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Continue to put in 50 minutes on the elliptical

– Familiarize myself with the machines again (never got around to it…still)

– Incorporate the C25K program in my routine

No weight loss to report this week. So far, a total of eight pounds lost. That’s it for week nine. I’m moving forward. Thanks for… letting me vent.  And keeping up with me.

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8 thoughts on “A Better Me – Week Nine

  1. I am in the same boat, and the pattern I see is the lack of a partner. All the things I enjoyed doing athletically involved another person to motivate me. I have no self-motivation. I wish I did.

    • And there ya go. Girl, you said a mouthful! Finding the motivation to keep going – all alone – is hard. Which, for me, is kind of weird to say. I’m an open book with so many things…well, just about anything and everything in my life. Yet, at the same time, I’m also a very private person too. I like to do things alone. I don’t like people to be all in-my-face about stuff. I want the support, but then I’ll tell ya to shut-up and stop annoying me too. lol I think that blogging has really helped me that way. So far, I feel like I get the support I need (everyone has been so GREAT!), when I need it and I can close the laptop when you all are annoying the hell out of me.

      I’m messed up.

      P.S. FYI – even when I do shut everyone out or close the laptop, or scream obscenities at certain people (Michaela – because I know she’s reading this crap too, but won’t leave a comment because she’s too good for that or some crap like that) I can still feel the support and still think about everyone behind me. It’s a good feeling and really does keep me on track.

      P.P.S. That’s how messed up I am.

  2. Hi, Annie. Just DON’T give up! That’s the secret. I had to set aside the same time every day and make it a habit to exercise when I did it. If you do something at the same time every day for two weeks or more it becomes a habit. Try that — it might work for you. I got out of the habit when I injured my knee and couldn’t exercise for several weeks. By then I had met Wayne and the rest is history. HE became my habit! LOL It’s just a suggestion. Anyway, you’ll work it out. Just DON’T give up!!!!

  3. I’m in the situation where time is scarce to exercise. I rarely get home before 7pm, and I like spending time with the kids before they go to bed. By the time dinner is over, its 7:30. Often I have other things to do as well in the evening, like attend practice at church, etc.

    Getting in a regular routine of exercise is really where I see my challenge. I’m thinking that getting to a gym would be pretty hard for me to fit into my schedule. So.. I’ve been looking into getting myself an elliptical machine for home. I just don’t want it to fall prey to the clothesline syndrome. Meaning, most people that have treadmills and other exercise machines simply use them to hang clothes on. That would seem like an incredible waste to me. Still… I procrastinate, and my health and weight are not improving. I need to get going…

    Great post! Keep up working towards your goal!

    • I tried going to the gym before dinner, the other day. What a mistake that was! The place was completely packed (small gym). There were only two machines left and neither one I cared to get on. I left and came back later than night.

      I thought about buying a machine to have here at home. But I’m not fooling anyone – especially myself. I KNOW it would end up being a clothes rack. Sad, but true.

      I know I have it a lot easier than most since I’m not working right now. Finding time to juggle everything is really tough.

  4. Hey Marianne, I know exactly how you feel. To muscle up the energy or rather the desire to go to the gym is a chore for me at times. But once you get there and get in a great workout, you do feel a sense of a reward. Don’t we all want to go back to being a kid??? LOL. Man, I miss it. No bills, no responsibilities… and did I mention no bills?!?! LOL… But, for me after a long day, sometimes if I don’t do the gym, I’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood. Usually on these hot summer days, for me it’s a bit easier since I been sweating from just walking outside, so I say, might as well go workout. But keep up the good work… I’m sure you will reach your goal…

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