Now He’s Bananas Too!

I try to pack Jacob’s lunch for him every day. It makes me feel good and I’d like to think that it makes him feel good too. It’s also nice to know exactly what’s going into his stomach. I also try to put in one whole fruit in his lunch box. The fruit of the week this week has been and is bananas.

When I went to pack his lunch Monday night, I decided I’d write a little message on the banana. I wrote something like “I hope you’re first ‘real’ day of the 5th grade is going well” or something like that. Tuesday night, I decided to draw a smiley face on the banana and wrote “I’m bananas for you” on the banana. I thought it might be a little embarrassing if one of his friends saw it, but I also thought that my little bananas would make him smile.

Jacob hadn’t said anything about my little notes of love and I had forgotten about. That is until he came home from school today…

Jacob:  Mom… the bananas? [rolled eyes]

Me: [grinning] Yeah?

Jacob:  [shakes his head]

Me:  What? [in my innocent voice]

Jacob:  They’re really silly.

Me:  I know. But I thought you would like them anyway.

Jacob:  The smiley face on the one you put in there last night was really goofy.  Gavin saw it too. He thought it was goofy too. He said he was glad you weren’t his mother.

Me:  Oh. So, you don’t want me to do stuff like that anymore? [frown-pout face]


Me:   Okay. I’ll stop. But I thought it was cute and I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Jacob:  Well, I didn’t tell you to stop.

Me:  Oh? Okay.

Jacob:  You’re just really silly. We laughed about your banana and talked about it all during lunch.

So this is in his lunch for today.

(Click on the pic to see full size)

Looking at the picture now, I should’ve drawn some hair and some arms for banana dude.

I wonder how much longer I can get away with doing silly little things like this before I’m cut-off.

Uh-oh. I’m reminded of video in one of my old posts.


6 thoughts on “Now He’s Bananas Too!

  1. That is so awesome..and I bet you can do it as long as you want. My kids (the ones still in school) are 11 and 15 and they both still let me sit in the cafeteria with them. I joke with them and their friends and they love it. I believe any kind of attention is good attention. Being present in our kids lives is what keeps them from traveling down the road with the human garbage I put in jail. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on like that …lol. I love the bananas, very cool. I bet what Jake’s friend really meant was “I wish my mom was that cool and funny..”

    • It’s so funny you mention sitting with them in the cafeteria. I was just asking Jacob about that yesterday. He told me I could sit with him if I “promise…PROMISE… not to kiss me, say “I love you”, or call me “Honey””. lol I don’t even say ‘Honey’, but sounds like a deal to me.

      I am new at this mother thing for his age. Lauren and Andrew lived with their dad from the ages of 7 – 14 (long story). So this is all very cool to me. 🙂

      • I can understand that…i worked three jobs when my kids were small, so getting to be around the house and go to the school is fun. I used to go eat with my middle daughter while I was on duty and the kids went nuts over my police uniform. I felt like it was making little kids respect the police, so I went out of my way to make a good impression. She lived with her daddy, because I was dumb enough to think she would be better off in a two parent household. Now I know it does not matter how many people are in the house, it is how much you love them that matters. I am making up for it now that I have the opportunity. On a side note, I kiss my son and tell him I love him… he knows its coming, so he does not fight it. I substitute at his school, so all the kids are aware of my hugging, kissing, cause they all get it. They cannot fool me, they love it. Eat before you go to the cafeteria, they are serving what they served us a long time is probably the same food.

  2. Kids are so funny. You notice he didn’t tell you to stop! He really actually likes it, but someone in his class has ridiculed him for it just enough to make him feel “funny” about it. This is a chance to inform him that what other people think is irrelevant to how well he grows up, and that peer group pressure is not something to give in to just because THEY want you to. It’s a chance to teach him that if he likes the little notes of affection from his mother it doesn’t make him a sissy or an idiot or stupid or gross or any other adjective he might come up with. And that as he grows older those notes of affection will become precious to him in ways he can’t even imagine. It will be a memory that no one can take away from him when he is older and perhaps Mom is no longer available to give him those notes of affection. But when you’re ten you don’t know that and you kinda have to be lovingly and gently told about it. It will make a difference when he is older and has children of his own someday.

    • In the end, he was happy I did it because it gave him and his buddy something to talk about, I think. I just wonder how long before he really says “Mom…No. Don’t do that again.” Hopefully, I can get in another year or two before I have to hear those words. 🙂

      • He WAS happy you did it, Annie. It was tangible proof that you love him and in his heart he knows that. Now when he’s 13, it might be better to try something a little less visible to others, but never stop letting him know in little ways that you care. It will make a world of difference in your relationship when he’s all grown up and moved away. I wish I had done more of that with my own kids. It might have made a difference in how they feel now. Never stop showing you care. He will always appreciate it.

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