Blog Me?

So there’s been this big hoopla centered around the blogging community, particularly women bloggers.  They call their little community BlogHer. Apparently, there was some kind of BlogHer conference going on in New York City last weekend. All last weekend and this week, I read tweets and blog posts about the goings-on during this whole shindig and found out that most of my favorite bloggers are part of this community. And I’m all “What the hell? Why wasn’t I told that all these women had some kind of group thingie? And would someone please take out the dog already?!”

Somehow this community hasn’t noticed me yet.  Why would they?  Why should they?  Again, as usual, and of course, I’m left out of the loop.  I’m insignificant. Everyone is oblivious to me.  It’s okay though, I’ll show them! I registered to their website.  Maybe there’s something I can contribute to this community. Maybe not. Maybe they’ll all laugh in my face and kick me out. Maybe not. Either way, I have now infiltrated their little camp and I’m going to start taking down names. Because I will not be ignored.

Oh yeah. Sure, I’ll lurk and be all quiet-like for awhile. Observing… Watching… Waiting… Then BAM! I will make my presence known in a big way and they won’t have any choice but to invite me to some of these stupid events. Oh yeah.  I am so in there. Then they’ll be sorry and be all like “Oh Marianne, are you going to such-and-such conference this year?”. And I’ll be like “Hmmm… I’ll have to check my schedule.” then wait like two weeks before confirming. Yep. I’ll show them.


9 thoughts on “Blog Me?

  1. LOL! I wanna show ’em too! Umm, maybe we can leave out the stalking though. Jail time isn’t in my schedule. I have yet to even look at BlogHer. Are we missing anything good? 😉

    • Honestly, I haven’t been over there since the week I signed up. I have every intention on taking a deeper look though. So far, from what I can tell, it looks like a bunch of professional bloggers out to sell stuff for the most part. There are a lot of give-away and/or contest sites. Eh. I haven’t gotten into the whole aspect of the blogosphere yet. Have you checked it out yet? What’s your first impression?

  2. i’m not sure how, not sure when, but i think a restraining order will be involved. possibly some stalking too. or, invent your own conference which takes place in your living room…

    and i only knew about blogher from reading the bloggess. i’m so far down in the blogging world i shouldn’t *even* know about it. assassins have now been dispatched to deal with me.

    • Oh stalking will most certainly be involved. A conference my living room is out of the question – I do as much as possible to get OUT of the house.

      I think I first found out about Blogher through the Bloggess (are you as much of a fan as I am? Impossible) herself too. But then I saw it everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE online – quite annoying really.

    • I was feeling pretty cocky when I wrote that. lol I am still trying to find out where I can fit in, in this whole blogosphere. So before I become all famous and stuff, I like to use you guys as guinea pigs. 🙂 I know some posts are complete crap. And others aren’t so bad. It’s fun playing around.

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