A Better Me – Week Eight

I made a mistake. When I went to the gym Sunday, I went with the intention of starting the C25K program. I didn’t do too bad my first day on the program. I was even a little surprised. Monday is when I made the mistake. See, our cable company, for whatever reason, had to do some repairs or something and cut off all the power to our internet service, phone and cable TV. So I was just sitting at the house twiddling my thumbs. So I went to the gym and figured that since the day before had gone so well, I would go ahead and continue on with the C25K program. DUH! The program even tells you to take a day off between runs, but I was feeling really good. I hurt myself doing that.

Working Out

I went back to my old shoes. My new New Balance shoes made my feet kind of inward when I ran. I guess I’ll go ahead and buy the Saucony shoes I wanted to begin with, online. This time, I’ll be sure to get the exact model I want.  My last online shoe-buying experience ended up costing me $125 for a pair of walking shoes that just weren’t right for my feet.

Eating Right

My favorite food this week:  Laughing Cow Cheese. There’s quite a variety. I think I’ve tried them all. Good stuff.

I know this is crazy, I pretty much ate anything I wanted to this week, and when I wanted to. I had Popeyes chicken for dinner one night. I even wolfed down six Double-Stuf Oreo cookies in one sitting. Maybe my body just needed a little break. Maybe it needed an Oreo cookie. I don’t know. All I know is that the scale showed another 2lb. loss.

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Continue to put in 50 minutes on the elliptical

– Familiarize myself with the machines again (never got around to it…still)

– Incorporate the C25K program in my routine

A two-pound loss for me this week. So far, a total of eight pounds lost. That’s it for week eight. I’m moving forward. Thanks for keeping up with me. :)


6 thoughts on “A Better Me – Week Eight

  1. wow, good job! i *think* i could control what i eat, but the real problem is getting the right amount of exercise frequently. like, 1 hour of tennis a week is probably not going to melt anything off. sadly. anyway, keep it up! when you feel like you can’t finish a workout, “eye of the tiger” and the rocky theme might squeeze some more calories out of you….like a tube of toothpaste.

  2. Hey, Annie, a little time off is good for the soul as Leslie says. Just don’t give up. You’re doing great. And DO take that day in between workouts. It’s important for your body to have time to adjust. I AM proud of you for staying on track even if you did take a little time off doing it. Sorry about the shoes. I LIKE New Balance myself. I wear them when I wear that kind of shoe. Mostly I wear casual shoes, but I do have a pair of New Balance and I love them. To each his own. If the other shoe works better for you, then by all means, use what works for YOU. Keep up the good work. You’re doing great!

  3. Breaks are good for the soul, so just keep going. I did that shred DVD and I kept up with Jillian, but I pulled something in my shoulder. I am taking a bit of time before I try that again. Still walking on the treadmill, so that is good. I am watching my food too. I tried the 60 cal Jello dark chocolate mousse, not impressed. I really loved the lean cuisine spaghetti and meatballs, tasty. Eight pounds! WHOO HOO! It only gets better!

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