A Better Me – Week Seven

I’m not big on crowds. I start feeling suffocated, claustrophobic, or whatever. But a good friend of mine talked me into registering for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure about three years ago. I’ve participated every year since. This year will be no different. The big day at the Little Rock, Arkansas location is scheduled for Oct. 16th this year. It’s a great way to show support for cancer research as well as cancer survivors and their families. The turnout in Little Rock is a big one, with over 40,000 participants every year I’ve been. The first year, I walked with my friends. Last year, I ran a little bit, but mostly walked. This year, I would really like to be able to run the whole 5k. Me running a 5k… the thought of is a little overwhelming, but what the hell? I may as well give it a shot, right? This means I need to train for it. So I’ve decided to give the C25K (Couch to 5k) program another try. This will be my second attempt at this program.


That whole make-it-to-the-gym-during-daylight-hours? Yeah…once. I did it once and that was it. [shrugs shoulders] I constantly struggle with the fact that I’m on my own in all of this. I mean without the rest of the family. Hubby says that he’s proud of me, but it doesn’t mean much. Honestly, this is one of the reasons I stopped before. I would give up or give in. I can’t let that happen to me this time. I have to remember that this is for me.


I burned 1646 calories this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any weight this week.

Fifty minutes on the elliptical – not so hard now. I had been doing the cardio program on the machine at a level 3 setting until this past week, when I increased the level from 3 to 4. The first time I got back on the elliptical, I thought I was going to keel over and that was with a resistance setting of 15. Now, the resistance goes up to fifty and that first 15min. is a piece of cake. It’s even hard for me to believe.

Working Out

That whole make-it-to-the-gym-during-daylight-hours? Yeah…once. I did it once and that was it. [shrugs shoulders]

I bought a new pair of shoes for this whole running gig. I didn’t get the shoes I really wanted and I could really kick myself for not having seen any of  these Shoe Guide videos from Runner’s World. If you think shoes don’t matter – think again. Shoes make a big difference.

I started my C25K training. I downloaded the Podcast series – which is free by the way – and I made it through my first day. Week one goes like this:  I start with a walking warm-up of five minutes, next I run for one minute, then follow that up with walking for a minute and a half. I go back and forth from running to walking eight times and end with five minute walking cool-down. The whole thing takes thirty minutes and is repeated three times during the week, with a day of rest in between.

They say it doesn’t matter at what pace you do it at.  I’ll do all this on the treadmill since it’s easier for me to keep track of.  My walking speed was 2.5.  My running speed was 4.0 – 4.2. Okay, so I’m as slow as a turtle on there. Hey, I’ve got short legs. My inseam is something like 27″…yeah, yeah…laugh it up. Okay, that’s enough. Shut-up.

So week 1, day 1 = done.  I walked through the 7th running phase because my left shin started hurting a bit, but I was able to run through the last running phase.  I really should’ve stretched more…and longer.

Eating Right

My favorite food this week:  Nabisco’s Wheat Thins Flatbread.

I knew this was going to catch up to me sooner or later and I think it has.  I’m still having a problem with getting all my calories for the day.  It’s been said that your body will go into ‘starvation mode’ if you don’t fuel it properly.  I know this.  I’ve always known this.  I still have a problem with this.  I’m up for my annual check-up so I’m going to set an appointment with the doc sometime this or next week and see what advice she can give while I’m in there.

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Continue to put in 50 minutes on the elliptical

– Familiarize myself with the machines again (never got around to it)

– Incorporate the C25K program in my routine

No weight loss this week. So far, a total of six pounds lost. That’s it for week seven. I’m moving forward. Thanks for keeping up with me. :)

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9 thoughts on “A Better Me – Week Seven

  1. Annie, I am really proud of you for sticking with this. I KNOW how hard it is when you’re doing it on you own with no one sharing your interest. Just try to keep telling yourself it’s for YOU and no one else matters in this one particular instance. As for not losing anything this week, well, sometimes you hit a plateau and you may stay there for another week or so, but don’t give up. After a while you will get on the scales and suddenly find out you’ve lost 3 or 4 or more pounds in just a few days. It happens. I did it. I went for three whole weeks without losing an ounce, then woke up one morning and weighed and I had lost 6 pounds overnight. Water? Fat? I have no idea, it was just gone. And it didn’t come back until a couple of years later when I started gaining it all back due to lack of interest on my part. Now my health problems keep me from exercising (arthritis, torn miniscus and ACL, degenerative disc disease, asthma, COPD among other things). So I’m cheering you on because I don’t want you to get where I am now. I love you and want you to stay healthy for as long as you possibly can. Hang in there and keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. It matters — at least to me anyway.

  2. P.S. I hate crowds too..PTSD from my former career…people in general give me anxiety. I need to get out more to fix this, right now I am a shut-in because of online college. I am not brave enough to do a run though.

  3. I think you are doing great. Maintaining the loss is the most important thing to me right now. I am still losing very little at a time, but I am keeping it off. Your speed on the treadmill is the same as mine, so I think it is fantabulous! Having the goal of a run is a good motivator, which I have a hard time coming up with..motivation still escapes me. I plan to continue eating right, exercising when I can get motivated (doing something physical every day), and drinking water only. Last time I went to my doc and asked for advice, she said, “walk.” Duh. Thanks for keeping us updated, you are helping me at least. Accountability is nice. My husband is still talking about working out with me, but he just got a bad sprained ankle…I know he will one day. Does Kim know how much it would mean to you for him to join you? I want my kids to have both parents to torture them for many years to come..gotta stay in shape for that.

    • Maintaining…I hadn’t really thought about that. You’re right. At least I haven’t gained anything. That really does make me feel better.

      Drinking water used to be a big problem for me. I still have a diet soda when I go to the movie theater because it goes along with the whole experience. 🙂 But I was able to gradually cut those out a couple of years ago.

      Kim knows. But working out is just not in him. I just have to get over it.

      Living long enough to torture my kids is definitely worth working out and living healthier for! I totally agree.

  4. Great post! What elliptical and treadmill do you have? I’ve been thinking about getting both machines.

    I have two personal obstacles when it comes to getting into shape. The first problem is my motivation. I realize that goals take a while to achieve, but I get discouraged and bored easily and find it hard to stick to an exercise program. My second problem is that I have arthritis in my left knee. I tried the couch to 5k program several years back just prior to being diagnosed with the arthritis. I am nervous about running though, as the arthritis pain can get intense. However, strengthening the muscle around the knee can help it. Tough call. Cycling works.

    Finding time to exercise is also extremely difficult for me. When I find the time, all I want to do is relax. I’m not a morning person. I get home from work at about 7pm each day, and I try to spend some time with the kids. Doesn’t leave much time for me to work out, hang out with my wife, and do household things.

    I get so mad at myself for neglecting my physical health, but just don’t seem to make the leap. Your blog is very motivating, and it is giving me a lot of encouragement. Keep up the great work on reaching your goals!

    • I don’t know what machine I’ve been on – whatever they have at the gym. lol If you’re thinking about it, I would definitely start with the cycling. Slow and steady. I thought about taking a spin class once. Thought about it – end of that.

      I know what you mean about finding the time. It’s easy for me these days since I’m not working. But when I was working, I would go straight to the gym after work. It was either then, or just not go at all.

      Making that leap is the biggest and the hardest step to take. I kick myself now when I think I’ve been paying for a gym membership since December and am just now getting myself to the gym. All that money and time wasted already. I could be half way to my goal by now, if I had started then.

      When you’re ready to make the leap, I will cheer you on!!! 🙂

  5. Great blog. In high school I ran cross country and it was a lot of fun, but it’s been 11 years since then and man for me to try to run again… (WOW, lol). But your blog is giving me some motivation to get back into it. Being in DC, there’s a race here and there all the time. And I think soon and very soon I will have to get into once again. Marianne, I’ll say this, as long as you are determine to meet your goals, you can do it! Cheering you on from DC… *GO MARIANNE!!!*

    • Thanks so much for the cheers! 🙂 I used to work in DC. There are so many events to check into. I do miss that part of living in the metro area. I certainly don’t miss the traffic!

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