A Better Me – Week Five

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A slight change in the title for this series, because I’m really not looking for a new me. I like the me that I am. What I’m going for is a better me.

You can always tell when I’ve had a bad week – I put off blogging as long as possible. But this… this is all about accountability. I said I would continue to blog during this whole process. I didn’t set out expecting this to be some quick three or four months of ‘doing it’. I knew there would be some hard times. This blog is not only a way for me to record my journey, but also a way for me to be accountable.

After seeing I hadn’t lost any weight last week, my thinking just wasn’t very positive and I sulked a little. I went to the gym twice this past week and that was it. I pigged out yesterday on Italian sausage. I didn’t even log in my food a couple of days. This past week is/was a complete flop…a bust…a minor setback. I had to really think about the week and find some positives. I found some. I did come close to meeting my calorie-burn goal for the week and although I only went to the gym a couple of times this week, I found other ways to burn some calories like bowling and lots of shopping. I went over my caloric (and my fat) intake for the week only once, and really I give myself a “free” (a trainer once told me that this was a good way to trick my body into thinking that everything was okay and there weren’t any drastic changes in my diet) day anyway.


I have been so focused on the fact that I hadn’t lost any weight, that I didn’t see the overall picture. It’s the end of week five, and I’ve lost five pounds. That’s nothing to scoff at. I know that. Still, it was a setback and I don’t like knowing I really didn’t try last week.


I didn’t meet my calorie-burn goal of 1550 this week. I only burned 1450 this week. Eh.

Working Out

I didn’t meet my goal of 40 minutes on the elliptical. But I’m headed to the gym in a minute and plan to give it a try. 🙂  Jacob will be starting school soon (Aug. 6th). Once he starts school, I’m going to start hitting the gym in the morning, after the bus picks him up. I also want to start circuit training again, once school starts. I may play around with some of the machines this week and next, to familiarize myself with them again.

Eating Right

My favorite food this week:  Nature Valley’s Granola Thins, Peanut Butter. They’re new and also come in dark chocolate. I haven’t tried the dark chocolate yet. I’ll be sure to pick up a box this weekend. These are really yummy. What’s your favorite or go-to snack?

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Increase time spent on the elliptical or cross trainer from 30 to 40 minutes

– Take measurements and record them all

– Familiarize myself with the machines again

No weight change from last week.  Overall – a total of 5lbs. lost.  That’s it for week five.  I’m moving forward.  Thanks for keeping up with me. :)

Image credit:  Pink Sherbet Photography


8 thoughts on “A Better Me – Week Five

  1. Marianne-

    Great post. I totally understand how easy it is to internalize setbacks in reaching goals. It has been a real challenge for me to stick to several goals in health and my technology and social media endeavors. I haven’t posted to my blog in 20 days. Having said that, I have been very deep into completing a freelance web project for a client. So, although I have neglected blogging more than I would have liked to, I have completed a web project that will help me reach some financial goals and pay for a much needed family vacation.

    I also am looking to improve myself in the areas of health and physical fitness. Motivation and sticking to that goal has long been a problem I have had. Your blog as well as Damond’s fitness posts are very inspiring, and I feel that thanks to your efforts and willingness to share, I will reach my health goals someday. I also like the theory behind the name change for the series.

    Keep up the great work on the blog as well as in your efforts in fitness and health!

    • You haven’t posted in 20 days? Shameful! 😉 A paycheck for some freelance work is a good excuse though. I’ve got so many drafts sitting around. You’d think I’d have more posts, but I can’t bring myself to finish a thought without rambling. At least this series is pretty clear-cut.

      I agree. Damond’s posts are inspiring. When you’re ready, I’ll expect a long post about what your health goals are. 😉 Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. Well, Annie, you didn’t really “mess up” — just took a week off and that’s okay if you only do it now and then. Just don’t let it sideline you. I know you have more courage than that anyway. I wish I had your courage and the ability to do this — but I don’t. I don’t lack the courage — I’ve done it before — but I do lack the physical ability now. I tried 3 years ago, and hurt myself and took weeks to recover and my trainer said maybe it would be better to just accept that I’m not going to be able to do what it would take to lose all the weight I need to lose. He wasn’t being lazy or mean. I really do have some serious health issues that prevent me from doing the rigorous routine it would take to lose all the weight I need to lose. But I CAN eat right and do what exercise I can to stay physically fit anyway. And I DO. That’s why my A1C is only 5.8 as opposed to 7.2 as it once was. That’s also why I haven’t GAINED any weight, even if I haven’t lost any. I only tell you this because I want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing so you won’t get in the condition I’m in when you reach my age. Experience is a hard teacher, but a good one. Even if you develop the health issues, if you lose the weight and keep it off you will be in a much better position to prevent serious side effects like I have. Just know that I love you and really AM cheering you on with every fiber of my being. So you missed a week. So what are you going to do about it???? I’m pretty sure you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again where you left off. Love you! Looking forward to next week’s report!

    • Thanks! I am so glad to hear that you are doing better too! As we both know, daddy has had his own problems and I don’t want to go down that road. And I want to do this the natural way. I’m not on any kind of medication and want to keep it that way. I don’t want to have to worry about surgeries of any kind down the road. I know it’s best for me to do this now.

  3. I slacked off while I was on vacation..it was not the time to say no to food. Now that I am back I do not have the motivation to get back on the treadmill. I am looking at wearing my bathing suit in front of my husband’s friends in three weeks, so I have to get it going. Today is the day I will start again on my routine. You are doing great going to the gym. That is something I could never get the hang of, so that is amazing to me. My favorite snack would have to be Wheatables, they have new ones with almonds in them and I love that flavor. I am actually doing great with portion size, but still not getting rid of the weight. Exercise is the answer. Gotta go, just received my son’s school supply list and it is at least $100 bucks….hahahaha

    • I can’t imagine saying no to food if I had been you either. lol I don’t think I’ve ever tried or seen the wheatables with almonds. I will have to check it out. LOL about the school supply list. 😀

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