Am I Ready For Middle School?

School starts for my son on the 6th of August this year. I started making all the preparations today. First, by stopping at his new school to make sure all the paperwork/transcripts were transferred over from his elementary school. Then it was off to buy all his school supplies. It’s rare that I make Jacob go with me shopping, but I felt he needed to go with me this time. So $105.93 and two hours later, school supplies were bought.

Wait. What was that? $105.93 for school supplies?! Is this a joke? Nope. No joke.

A friend said I should’ve waited for the back-to-school sales to start. I did wait and believe me, Jacob really didn’t get anything fancy. Well, I take that back. I splurged on an $8 zipper pencil case thing-a-ma-bob, after he gave me his sad, puppy-dog eyes (that usually works). The supply list called specifically for a zippered pencil case anyway, but I didn’t have to buy the most expensive one in the store.

Anyway, I got to thinking about it later and looked back at the receipt. 105-friggin’ dollars?! Are you kidding me?! What the hell did I buy? The supply list was crazy, like they have to have a whole pack of highlighters? What the hell for? And then folders, oh but not any folders. These had to be plastic, with pockets, and clasps in the middle. They even specified the colors. And hand sanitizer…really? I’m all for sanitizing. Of course, I am. I buy it for our house once a month. But shouldn’t the school provide that? They can buy that kind of stuff in bulk, can’t they? The same goes for Kleenex. But each student has to have their own bottle of sanitizer and tissue.

You wouldn’t think that 5th graders would spend a lot of time coloring, but the school is telling me that he has to have 24 colored pencils, 30 colored markers, and 24 crayons?  I don’t get it. My Mother’s Day card better be a masterpiece – something I’ll be able to sell at an art auction to some mysterious man wearing a weird black hat, with squinty eyes, who stands in the back corner leaning up against the wall and places a bid with the nod of his head and has to have this masterpiece because it reminds him of the close relationship he and his mother had before she was killed in a horrible accident involving a tomato and a meat grinder.

I still have uniforms to buy for him, which I have to tailor myself.  *sigh*

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4 thoughts on “Am I Ready For Middle School?

  1. WOW! Education sure has changed since I was in school — or even since my KIDS were in school. We never had to deal with uniforms (thank GOODNESS!)and the only “supplies” I had to buy were pencils, paper, notebooks and folders. We didn’t even have to buy books — they were provided at the beginning of the school year and you had to give them back on the last full day of school. I was SHOCKED when I had to buy college textbooks! Take 5 classes and you can use up $600 in a hurry — and that was nearly 30 years ago! I don’t even want to think of what they cost now! It was up to us if we wanted any extras, but you didn’t HAVE to have them if you couldn’t afford them — and we couldn’t most of the time. The emphasis then was on LEARNING reading, writing and arithmetic, and history — American and World — and anything else was considered extracurricular. I personally think we should go back to that and stop molly-coddling our kids just so they won’t feel “deprived”. Funny how that works. We didn’t always have the ‘BEST’ of everything, but we learned and we got a good education. Oh, well. It’s just me rambling like an old woman, Annie. I hope Jacob has a good year. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about wearing uniforms when I was going to school. Every school I went to had a little supply store too, where we could buy supplies as we needed – and at a major discount. Whatever became of those?

      We do coddle our kids too much, I think. I also think that too often, teachers today are expected to take on parental responsibilities. Aaahh…but that’s a different blog post altogether.

  2. Apparently your name was drawn and selected to purchase the supplies for the entire fifth grade…Congratulations! lol I am glad we do not have uniforms at our school (yet, sigh)..I have a niece that is going year round, so we dodged that one, too. Brock is a sixth grader and Tarah is in tenth, so we have until the 4th of Aug to do the shopping. Pencils & paper are all I am buying until I see a list. One year I made my son recycle the from an earlier year, he didn’t care. I hope you get that Mother’s Day card!

    • Uniforms can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it saves on shopping time – there’s no debating or having to compromise on school clothes. Also, you find the right size and just buy multiples in the different colors allowed. On the other hand, it really does get to be so boring and by mid-year I’m wishing he could wear something a little more casual. It would also be nice for him (and me) to just wake up in the morning and grab whatever’s clean out of the drawer.

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