A New Me – Week Four

I did everything right this week.  I started on the supplements and even the nutrition bars.  I went to the gym every other day this week, as planned.  I even surpassed my calorie burn for the week.  I did everything right.  So why didn’t I lose any weight this week?  I didn’t take my measurements before I started this.  I wish I had now.  Although the scale doesn’t show any weight loss, I do notice a difference.  I’m pretty sure I’ve lost an inch or so – especially my tummy area.  Why didn’t I take measurements?  Well, I really started this journey a couple of years ago.  I took measurements then and updated them every couple of weeks.  Then I started slacking off.  When I started up again, I was afraid to look at the numbers.  I knew my measurements would be up there and I didn’t want to face up to how much I really had slacked off.  So I didn’t.  I’m wishing I had now.


While I still look forward to the gym, for the most part, I admit that sometimes it’s a little upsetting that my family is still sitting at home…doing nothing.  I keep telling myself that I am setting an example and once I’ve taken this weight off, they will soon follow.  That’s not always easy to do.


I’m definitely noticing the changes in my body now.  Before ya know it, I’ll be able to kill someone with these legs of mine.  I’ve lost so much of that bloated feeling I’ve had too.  And, of course, my clothes are fitting much better on me now than they did a month ago.  I think another 15lbs. and I should be able to treat myself to something really nice.  I’m just not sure what yet.  I’m up for suggestions.

Working Out

I managed to meet my calorie-burn goal of 1,550 anyway, with 2,646 calories burned this week.  One night I hit just over 900 calories burned, because I got wrapped up in some movie.  The movie was Good Luck Chuck, starring Jessica Alba, and probably one of the worst movies ever made, but it held my attention as a silent movie since I kept my ear-buds in. Besides, I like penguins.  I was also able to meet my goal to be on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  When I first got back on the elliptical, I thought I was going to die.  But I think I know what happened that day.  You see, I had already been on the treadmill for an hour that first time and I think that’s what did me in.  Now, the elliptical is the first thing I get on.

Eating Right

I did a little better on my eating this week.  I’m remembering to eat more often.  I still have a hard time meeting my calorie goal everyday, but I am getting better.  My favorite food this week was Nutella with the Wal-Mart version of wheat thins.  Unfortunately, everyone else in the house enjoyed them as much as I did and they were gone in one night.  That always kills me.  I mean not only do they eat what they want to eat, but they turn around and eat my food too.  That doesn’t seem fair.

This Weeks Goals

– Continue to take supplements

– Increase time spent on the elliptical or cross trainer from 30 to 40 minutes

– Take measurements and record them all

That’s it.  I’m not concerned that I didn’t lose any weight this week because I can feel a change and I know I’m doing everything right.  So I’m moving on.  Thanks for keeping up with me. :)


11 thoughts on “A New Me – Week Four

  1. I hope we can one day..y’all are five hours away and I have been driving five hours to Arkansas quite a lot in the past four years. Now that my daughter is here with me and I do not have to drive it, I’m taking a break. I am planning a Halloween party in Arkansas at our friend Dawn’s house (who you would love). Hopefully you and Kim will bring Jacob, so Brock will have someone to hang with..now if I can lose this weight and dress as something other than a pumpkin…

    • We take trips out to AR quite a bit too, for one reason or another. I think I met Dawn once (briefly though). Wouldn’t it be great to gather up all the kids and they could have their own little party and we could have ours. 🙂

      • That is our goal…and Dawn’s house is big enough for it. Tarah has a few half sisters, and there are many more kids that would be there. Tarah’s father, David, who passed away recently, loved Halloween like it was Christmas..so this is going to be our tradition to celebrate him. It will help Tarah to heal.

  2. Hi, Annie. You’re losing FAT and building MUSCLE and muscle is heavier than fat. It is also leaner and so while you have lost inches, you may actually GAIN a pound or so — but DON’T STOP because you ARE losing weight. You may go along this way for another couple of weeks and then suddenly you’ll get on the scales and you will have lost 10 lbs or more and will wonder how that happened! I know. I’ve been down this road myself about 25 years ago. I wish I had your courage and could do it again but I don’t. I admire you for doing it. You will never be sorry you did it. Hang in there and keep going. You are doing a good thing. And don’t worry about your family sitting at home. It’s their loss that they are not in there with you. Do this for YOU and for the health it will bring YOU.

    • Girl, I hope you’re right about that 10lbs. or more. I figure, if I just keep at this thing like it were some kind of six-month course I’ve been having to take, I’m bound to see results. lol I am doing this for me. 🙂 They still piss me off though.

  3. I call foul on the food being eaten by everyone. My husband is on board with my goals and he does not allow anyone to touch my food. I do not get to eat their junk, so … I think your husband needs to realize how important this is to you, for you. I love nutella, it is mine. I treat myself with a smear of it here and there. My rewards involve clothes and shoes. I bought a beautiful bag in Manchester to reward myself too. My suggestion would be a spa day that involves deep tissue massage, well worth it. Also, a manicure/pedicure would be good. When I do something that makes me feel beautiful it helps me stay on track. Keep going!

    • Clothes and shoes. I love both. Clothes will definitely be a reward to look forward to. Fifteen pounds – that’s one size, maybe even two sizes down from where I am now. I hadn’t even thought about that. I don’t know about the spa thing. I’ve always wanted to go, but I feel so…naked. lol Deep tissue massage sounds soooo good though.

      • It is very very good..and you can get as naked as you feel comfortable being..they will not assault you or grab your clothes, if they do scream and run out…lol..use your husband’s name when you check in…hahahaha

        A good facial massage is a good way to ease into it, then you will be hooked and you will not care about taking things off!

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