At The Movies

As much as I love seeing a movie when it first comes out and on the big screen, I’m really starting to steer away from movie theaters.  There are so many ways to see a movie these days.  We subscribe to Netflix and have for years now.  The movies may be a month old by the time they’re offered on Netflix, what’s a month?  Do I really have to see movies when the first come out?  Is it really worth it?

We also have digital cable service through Comcast, with On Demand and so far, I’ve found that movies on On Demand may be a little older than a month, but not by much.  On Demand movies range in price from $2.99 – $4.99, unless you’re going to see an IFC movie – that will cost you upwards from $6.99 (which doesn’t make any sense to me – that’s another blog post altogether).  With On Demand, we can watch the movie at the time of purchase and have 48hrs. to view the movie, at our leisure.  We don’t have to wait for two days for the movie to hit my mailbox.

You could rent or purchase a movie from iTunes and download a newly released movie right to your laptop and take it anywhere with you.  You could go ‘old-school’ and rent a movie from a store like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.  You could even wait for them to come out on DVD.  *Gasp!*  I can’t even remember the last time I bought a DVD.  Again, that’s another blog post altogether.  There are so many ways you can view a movie these days.

Yesterday, I spent almost fifty dollars and for what?  Let’s break it down:  $18.75 = 3 tickets to matinée showing of Eclipse; $30.75 = 3 med. drinks, 1 lrg. popcorn, 1 med. popcorn.  I always forget how much it costs.  And now they’re checking bags and purses when you walk in the door to make sure you’re not sneaking in any kind of outside food or beverages.  The movie theater in my town is very old.  The sound quality is mediocre, at best.  The screen size is much smaller than what I’m used to seeing in the bigger cities I’ve lived in.  The seats have probably never been updated, replaced, or reupholstered.  Yet, I still choose to see the movie at the movie theater every now and then.  I’m not even sure why.

How do you see your movies?  Do you go to an actual movie theater?  If so, what is it about movie theaters that keep you coming back?  How often to do buy snacks there?


13 thoughts on “At The Movies

  1. I took the kids to see Eclipse in the theater. Yep, all went well until the guy in the back row started talking to his friends..talking about food, talking about the weather, talking about what was going on in the movie…Brock said, “is that guy retarded?” So, I look..and he has Down Syndrome. We did enjoy the movie, just a little distracting. And, no, Brock was harm done.

  2. For me it is like a nostalgic type experience and taking my kids is creating a memory for them. However, it is almost not worth it anymore and I am sick of it. Luckily, we have a drive-in down the road and that is still a fun experience we love every year. We usually wait until a great double-feature action extravaganza and we can get in for just twelve dollars ($6 bucks for each adult, kids are free) can bring blankets, chairs, sleeping bags, food, drinks..whatever! So, much better and worth every if the second feature is a kids flick we can take a, now the sound comes through the radio, but you can still get the can in the window.

    • WOW! A real drive-in?! I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a working drive-in. I wish they would bring those back. It would be a lot of fun (alone with someone or with the kids ;)). Now why aren’t there more of those around – even if it’s a novelty thing. Sure would be fun.

  3. You left out the part where they checked your purse for contraband (i.e. food you sneak in). I am telling you right now, I will never go to a movie theater again. Never. Pay that much money only to be subjected to illegal search of my stuff compounded with shitty sound and uncomfortable seats for 2 hours? No thanks. Besides, I can watch first run movies while they are still in theaters without ever leaving my house.

  4. Well, where should I begin….For a family our size to go to a theatre is too expensive! So,we wait till it comes out on DVD and just pay the $20…We have a 52″HDTV and a BOSE 321 Home Entertainment sound system that really makes me wonder why we would even think about the theatre, when my kids watch the movie over and over and over and over(you get the idea), we definitely get the money’s worth by waiting.Plus then we dont have to worry about theatre hassles(rude viewers and potty breaks)Also 2 of our local theatres offer free kids movies over the summer…so if there would happen to be one they havent seen(or even if they have)we can check out that kid flick then, and change it up a bit.

    • With all the kids you’ve got, I don’t blame you for waiting on the DVD release. lol Besides, with a TV that big, it’s almost like sitting at the theater. Do you guys have big ‘movie nights’ when everyone gets together or do you just wing it? Having a movie night with the family at home sounds like a lot of fun.

      When I went to see Eclipse, some woman kept texting during the movie. It was so distracting and so annoying. I was tempted to yell down to her and ask that she give the phone a rest or get the heck out of the theater and text.

  5. I probably go see a movie about every two or three years. It has to be a GOOD one and it has to be one with NO nasty language or gory violence. I don’t mind action — just don’t like the gore. I had enough of that when I worked in the police department to last me a lifetime. When I want to see a movie, I want to be entertained, not scared silly! Anyway, I NEVER buy snacks, except maybe ONE tub of popcorn and a bottled water. They want too much for their snacks and I’m not paying as much for a corn dog as I would for a three course meal at a sit-down restaurant. We always go out to eat BEFORE we go to the movie, so there is no need to have snacks anyway. I go see the movies at a theater when I want to see ALL the action involved. I like sci-fi movies like, Star Trek and Indiana Jones. The last two movies I saw was the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull movie and the newest Star Trek movie when Spock was a young man before James T. Kirk was the captain of the Enterprise. Most of the time, I wait until they come out on DISH Network and view them on their movie channels. Okay, call me cheap, but I just can’t see paying a fortune to go sit for two hours in a dark theater with dirty floors that are never cleaned and dirty seats that who knows who has sat in! I’d much rather spend my time and money on playing miniature golf.

    • I think one of the reasons I still go to the movie theater is for the ‘experience’ of it all. I have to have the popcorn and the diet soda. I guess there’s something about seeing the same movie at the same time 50+ people are watching it too. *shrugs shoulders*

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