Give That Furball A Name

When we moved here, we didn’t know that the house already came with three wild cats.  I tried to befriend all of them, but only one was willing to stay.  We named her “Winnie”.  She had one eye and looked to be pregnant.  We waited and waited for her to have her kittens.  The intention was to keep one of the kittens as our own.  We waited and waited…and waited.  The kittens never came, or at least we never saw any of them.  But Winnie became a regular guest to our patio.

It’s almost been a full year since we moved here.  Sometimes Winnie will come around and stay for days and then – just like that – we won’t see her for days.  She showed up last week after being gone for about the same, with a kitten.  None of us had any idea she was pregnant, but there she was with kitten in tow.  We looked for more kittens, but none ever showed up.  The kitten looks to be about six weeks old.  I don’t know how or why Winnie’s been hiding her from us all this time.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce the newest addition to our family, only we don’t have a name for her yet.  This is where you come in.  We need help naming this cute little ball of fur.  I thought I came up with a pretty good one – Maggie – but I’m the only one that likes it.  So what are your suggestions?    Already, she’s used to all of us.  We’ve each been able to hold her and play with her.  She spends a lot of time sitting on my shoulder and tangled up in my hair for some reason.  She’s grey with black stripes.  We’re all going to take a vote and once we’ve narrowed it down to one, I’ll give an update.  Names we’ve already used in the past for one pet or another include:  Sammy, Crystal, Missy, Shadow, Casper, and Buster.  We need new names.


10 thoughts on “Give That Furball A Name

  1. Marianne: I’m not going to weigh in on the name since I don’t know her. So much of names go with personalities, I think.

    Anyway, might I suggest you have the mama kitty spayed? There are already so many unwanted animals in the world. Millions of cats killed here in the U.S. each year. Animals born just to die.

    There are lots of animal advocacy groups that offer low cost and/or free spaying and neutering. Call your local shelter to see if they can refer you or ask at your vet. It’s so important to do spay and neuter to prevent the killing of “surplus” animals. Besides, spaying and neutering helps reduce the risk of many kinds of cancers.

    Besides, no mama cat just gives birth to one kitten. The others are likely to have suffered terrible deaths. Predators, cars, starvation. As for the new kitty that survived, kittens can now be spayed and neutered as early as six weeks (some vets are old school and still make you wait until 12 weeks, though).

    Both mama and baby will be healthier (girls can get this horrible and potentially deadly thing call pyometra is they’re not spayed) and you’ll be helping the greater kitty population if you get them both spayed.

    Good luck and thanks for caring for the cats! ^..^

          • Oh, Marianne, you have to get the mom spayed. Otherwise she’ll keep having kittens and there are already millions of unwanted cats killed in the U.S. each year. Besides, kittens outside on their own are NOT safe from cars, predators, and other dangers. If you only saw the one kitten this time, no doubt the others suffered horrible deaths being outside on their own.

            It’s such a very important thing to do. Especially since the mom is outside. Did you know the mom can get pregnant AGAIN while she’s still nursing? It’s a fast cycle and a caring human needs to intervene and help this cat. It’s the right thing to do.

          • I completely understand your concern. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to get her spayed…If I decided to keep her. But I’ll probably take her to a shelter where she will most likely be put down. She is a wild cat and I’ve rarely been given permission to touch her. For now, we’ve locked her in our patio, because I’ve noticed that the she is still feeding. I don’t think this means I am an uncaring human.

  2. Magic maybe? She shows up as if by magic. She is a pretty little thing. She reminds me of our Clifford who is also dark gray with black stripes and spots and a light brown underfur with white highlights. He’s gorgeous, but then, I’m prejudiced in his favor. I like Maggie, too. Sorry no one else does cause I think it’s cute! You could sneak it in by naming her Magic and calling her Maggie! LOL

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