Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Have you ever found yourself wanting shake someone until they came to their senses?  I’m a very laid-back kinda gal.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I’m definitely not one to force my ideas or opinions on anyone.  Every once in a while there comes a point when I just can’t stand it anymore and I have to say something.  Today, I found it it extremely hard to keep my mouth shut. My opinion and/or advice was not wanted, but I gave it anyway.  Of course, it didn’t go over well.  I knew it wouldn’t.  Maybe I should’ve just kept it to myself.  Probably.  Especially since my unwanted opinion was given to a family member.

So what do you do?  Do you keep your mouth shut no matter what?  Do you risk it and say what you think?


9 thoughts on “Keep Your Mouth Shut!

  1. I read the post and I was actually confused as to why all the defensiveness came through. I am guessing it was because of an insecure mother wanting to feel that she was justified. Maybe it was the choice of words that hurt this person. I am, by training, a peace keeper. I believe it is the “intent” that matters, and you were concerned. The other party should have said, “thank you for your concern, but here are the facts …period.” Keep saying what you want to say, or it will eat you up.

  2. I try to keep my mouth shut until I just can’t stand it any longer and then I say something. If it falls on deaf ears that’s their problem, not mine. Especially if it is something really important that you see them doing that can or will hurt them in the end. If it doesn’t concern me, I usually leave it alone, but if it DOES concern me or they are ridiculing me, I speak out and let the chips fall where they may. Occasionally I have had to eat my words, but not very often.

    • You may even know why I wrote this post if you check me out on Facebook. It was out of deep concern I said anything at all, but was told not to question this person. *sigh*

      • Sorry I missed that one. Whoever told you that was an idiot! You were speaking out of concern for them — the least they could do was say thanks but I’ve got it under control. Even if that isn’t true, at least you know you did all you could.

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