The Longest Minute of My Life!

I dragged my daughter with me to the gym tonight, for what will probably be the last time we get to workout together for awhile and it’s not often she actually goes with me.  Everything went well, that is until I hit the elliptical…

I’m thinking to myself “I’m ready for this.  Now let’s see.  What resistance setting was I at the last time I was on the elliptical on the regular?  Oh yeah.  It was 40.  Okay, let’s do this.”

I set the time for fifteen minutes.  Because I’m that ready.

15:00  –  Alright.  Yeah.

14:45  –  This is harder than I remember.

13:24  –  OMG!  Are you kidding?!  What was I thinking?  I can’t do this for fifteen minutes.  Let’s change it to ten minutes. [changed time to ten min.]

09:20  –  Okay, maybe this is too much.  Let’s change it to 30.  [change resistance to 30]

08:00  –  Nope.  Not going to work.  [change resistance to 20]

07:22  –  Damnit!  [change resistance to 15]

07:14  –  Okay.  That’s better.  Wow!  I can’t believe I was doing it at 40 before.

05:40  –  Look at her (Lauren) over there, watching Family Guy.  She’s such a dork.

05:37  –  She’s not even trying.  She really needs to be on this f@!&#$% thing!  She’s a punk.

04:22  –  Wow, she’s really doing well (lady two machines away and twice as heavy as I am).  What resistance has she got it on?  She’s not even sweating.

04:21  –  [Daydreams about smacking the lady two machines away upside her head]

03:00  –  Okay.  I said ten minutes.  I’ve only got three minutes to go.  Whoopee.  Oooo!  I should blog about this.

02:00  –  Good.  Almost done.  Damn you Michaela.

00:58  –  OMG!  This is the loooooongest minute of. my. life.  Someone kill me now.

00:42  –  Shit!

00:05  –  4…3…2…1… FINALLY!  Stupid machine.  Thank you for the burned calories though.  I still hate you.  Stupid machine.

I had to cut my gym time short.  Lauren’s boyfriend called and was on his way to the house. So she wanted to go.  We left.  I only got 45 minutes in.  Yes, I will be getting back on the elliptical tomorrow night.


7 thoughts on “The Longest Minute of My Life!

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. I work out at the gym once in a while for a few months then I quit for one reason or another. I hate having to start over. I was up to benching 220 lbs doing 3 sets of 15. So after my extended apsence from the gym i was gonna start over with 100 lbs but decided to do 110 instead. well the next few days i was so sore that i haven’t been back since. that was 3 or 4 months ago.

  3. Annie, I’m chuckling to myself because I have been on the elliptical myself a few times back when I thought I wanted to work at losing some of this weight and I remember thinking how much I HATED that machine! I have a bad knee and it was supposed to be easier on that knee than the treadmill — that’s why my doctor recommended I try it. I gave up after a month because my knee kept getting worse and worse and then we found out that it was damaging it worse than it already was. That’s why I no longer go to the gym. Between my bum knee and my bad back (degenerative disc disease) I tend to hurt myself more than help myself, so I gave up. I admire you for your tenacity! I wish with all my heart that I could do what you are doing. I really AM proud of you.

    • I understand how the elliptical could do more damage than good. I’ve heard wonderful things about water aerobics or exercise for those with knee and/or back injuries. I would love to try that myself. Thank you for keeping up with me. 🙂

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