In A Good Place

I’ve seen some major changes in my only daughter since I posted Screw You… I Mean… Merry Christmas Momma and thank goodness they’ve been for the better.  About a week after that post, she quit her job to move in with her boyfriend.  Two days before she was to leave (and her birthday), the two of them got into their last argument.  They broke up.  She stayed here.

She finally enrolled in the GED classes offered at the community college.  I think the only reason she decided to do it was out of pure exhaustion from me hounding her for months.  I had my doubts about her actually finishing the classes, but I never let her miss a class, and she finished.  I had my doubts that she would actually take the GED, but she did.  I really had my doubts that she would pass the GED.  She received her GED certificate over two days ago!  We both shed a tear or two.

While she was taking her classes, she mentioned that she wanted to join the Job Corps in order to be accepted into the Navy later on (the military won’t accept a GED alone – especially now).  I had my doubts that she was really serious about that too.  But I took her to her appointments and I made sure she had all the paperwork she needed to turn in.  A couple of weeks later, she finds out she’s been accepted.  I still had my doubts about her really going until last night, when she got the call saying that she needed to be at the bus station tomorrow morning!

After all she’s been through (some of it, through her own doing), she is finally in a good place.  I am extremely proud of her!  Her next plans are to get some sort of nursing certification and prepare for the military.  Less than a year from now, she will probably be in boot camp.  She will finally be in the military, which is what she’s dreamed of since she was 14.  I don’t doubt that she’ll get there.


7 thoughts on “In A Good Place

  1. Wow! I am truly jealous. I wish my daughter had followed through on joining the Guard or anything really. She does have a job, but no goal or plans for the future. Congrats! You did better than you think.

  2. Annie, I am SO very happy for you and for Lauren. I know she has had a hard time of it and I know, too, some of it has been her own doing. That seems to run in this family. We’re all a little hard-headed and stubborn and nobody can tell us anything when we are messing up our lives and believing we are doing the “right” thing — which ultimately turns out to be the mistake of a lifetime! Been there, done that myself. It has taken me 45 years to fix what I messed up in one night. Then on top of that I kept on messing up because I thought I knew better than anyone else what was right for me. Oh, how I WISH I had listened to my mother, my brothers, my dad, my aunts and uncles and a few friends who tried to tell me I was making big mistake after big mistake. So yes, I understand at a level maybe some folks don’t. You are a great mom to stand by her in all of this and to keep trying to teach her the right path anyway. I’m proud of you, Annie, on so many levels and I’m proud of Lauren for following her dream.

      • You did. You acted like a mother and that’s a GOOD thing. You are a good mother and a good friend to your daughter (and all of your children). Just keep doing what you do and don’t let anyone tell you you are doing it wrong.

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