Legend of the Seeker

I don’t and won’t do this often – review a tv series, that is.  But I can’t help myself with Legend of the Seeker.  I’m addicted to the show.  It kind of reminds of me of the days of Xena, Warrior Princess or Hercules:  The Legendary Journeys.  I won’t go into details about the series, except to say that if you liked those sort of shows, then I’m sure you’ll like Legend of the Seeker.  I’m just here to point out a couple of the things that really bug me about the show.

Have you noticed that a couple of the actors on the show are… ummm… not proportionate to the characters they play?  Let’s take a look…

Craig Horn and co-star Bridget Regan

The main character, Richard, also referred to as the Seeker, is played by Craig Horner.  You’d think he’d be a decent sized man, with some muscle on him from working around the farm all of his life and now battling against armies and evil dudes.  Nope.  His head is all wrong.  In fact, his whole body is just kind of petite and it bothers the crap out of me.  Is it me or is his head way smaller than it should be?

In the pic, he’s standing beside his co-star, Bridget Regan, who plays Kahlan or the Mother Confessor.  See?  Tiny head, right? Not to mention that he’s just smaller than she is. It’s just not right.  Craig looks like a twelve year old boy next to her.

Bruce Spence as Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander

Oh!  Side-note:  Bridget Regan would make the perfect Wonder Woman!!  I am so serious!

Okay.  On to the other actor disproportionate to their character is Zeddicus Z’ul Zorander or ‘Zedd’ (Bruce Spence).  I don’t have a problem with the character.  It’s Bruce I have a problem with.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a decent actor and all.  I can’t help but think that his face is too long.  Tell me he doesn’t have like the longest face ever and the long hair makes it worse.  Maybe if they gave him a haircut it wouldn’t be so bad.  Why does his hair have to be so long anyway?  Is there a rule that says all wizards have to sport long scraggly hair?

Since I’m talking about the characters, I guess I may as well mention Tabrett Bethell, who plays the sexy, sultry Cara, Mord’Sith.  I can’t help but keep hope alive for her character to find someone she can fall in love with some hunky man.  And then we have Craig Parker, who plays Darken Rahl, the big evil dude and right-hand to ‘The Keeper’, who we never actually see.  He’s okay.  He must be since I have the urge to smack the crap out of him every time I see him.  I don’t particularly like the long hair on him either, but at least it doesn’t look as bad on him as it does on Bruce Spence.

The series is actually pretty good.  I hope they make it to a third season.  I guess it’s too late for me to get used to another ‘Seeker’ and Craig Horn playing the leading role has grown on me.  So has Bruce Spence as Zedd for that matter.  But it still kind of bugs me.  What do you think?  Who is your favorite character?

Do you even watch?  Probably not.


5 thoughts on “Legend of the Seeker

  1. We have heard that said about craig horner’s Richard. That he was a lot smaller than how the book described. For those of us who never read the book he was okay. But you are right, he was atypical and may have weighed less than his female costar.

    Here is our take on season two with lots of pics and possibly some wit if you are interested; liking the good and shedding light on what we went wrong with a sense of humor:


  2. I like the show. Its entertaining.
    the Seeker: I did not get to see the pilot so i did not know his background as having been a farm hand.. so yeah i can see your point on that. I thought he was more the “brain” vs “braun” type so went along with him being what he is… otherwise YES so would have chosen a MUCH different lead.
    Wizard: Yes, ask Mr Dungeon Master – i believe that is what they call a classic look 🙂 however have no clue..

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