Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

(c)’m going to be…*GULP* a grandmother.  Yes.  It kind of makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  But I’m coming to terms with it slowly.  It’s definitely not something I thought I’d have to worry about for at least another five years, but… well, it seems that my oldest son, Andrew, and his recent-graduate-from-nursing-school-girlfriend, didn’t make the connection between condoms and not getting pregnant.  Did I mention that she’s a recent graduate from nursing school?  *smacks forehead*

Anyway.  I won’t go into details about how I feel about the whole thing because people will either yell at me and call me insensitive, or empathize and say something to try and make see the silver lining, blah, blah, blah.  I can hear all the advice, all the empathetic comments.  I don’t need any of it.  I know what’s done is done.  They’ve made their decision.  I have pretty mixed emotions.  Don’t even get me started.

I’m coming to terms with it my way – shopping.  A big part of my therapy has been shopping for this precious baby girl.  Lots of baby shopping.  And of course, I’m planning to drive up to Virginia to drop off all this baby stuff as soon as we can get both of our cars out of the shop (but that’s a different story).

Shopping has been fun and I had forgotten how much fun baby shopping can be.  Ooo, I got some of the cutest stuff and spent way too much money on things I remembered being most helpful to me when I had my first baby.  What was the one item you found most helpful for your baby?  It was a toss-up for me between a pack-and-play and one of those baby carrier packs.

Diapers are an obvious staple.  Andrew and Amber are getting a free one-year membership to Costco or Sams (probably Sams).  I know some may think that those warehouse type of places really don’t save you any money in the end.  I disagree.  It’ll be great for diapers and wipes and things like that – when you can, buy in bulk!  So what else am I forgetting?  Can you think of anything that they’ll find most useful during the baby’s first couple of years?


9 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

  1. I have not thought about it in a while, but burp rags were what I used the heck out of the entire time. Making sure they have a camera is something I would do, too. Make sure they keep up with that baby book (I have three unfinished ones). My oldest is moving towards marriage to her boyfriend who has a three year old daughter (instant grandma for me). I am choosing to avoid it till it hits. At least the child will be walking, talking and potty-trained. Have fun! You get to spoil and walk away.

    • Aaah yes… burp cloths. I used to use cloth diapers for those – I never had enough of them. Good idea. I’ll be sure to pick some up. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about a camera for them, that’s for sure. I was horrible at keeping up with baby books. I kept up with Lauren’s for about 6 months. Andrew was born the same year and after he was born… well, that was as far as I ever got.

      I admit I do like spoil-and-walk-away grandma factor. Being an instant grandma for you may not be so bad, but I would be avoiding it too. 😉

      • UPDATE: My daughter broke up with her fiancee. She also admitted I was right! Whoo hooo! Apparently when I told her that you have to live with someone before you really know who they are, finally made some sense to her. “Jerk” as I lovingly refer to him, got drunk and tried to strike my oldest born. Luckily (for him), she tossed him out and has moved on to be happily single. WHEW! Avoided that one.

        • “Whew!” is right! I’m sorry it had to turn out the way it did, but thank goodness it happened now and not like two years down the road. I can think of much more colorful ways to refer him than ‘Jerk’ 😉

  2. Pffft! You’re still like waaaay older than me ;-). So what is this going to make you – Grand Aunt, Great Aunt? Is Great Aunt even a word?

    I think they’ve got the car seats covered, but I’ll check to make sure because I didn’t even think about that. I remember riding in the front seat of the car without a seat belt. it’s amazing how many kids even lived through those years when seat belts weren’t required.

    I always had a pacifier handy for Lauren. I think Andrew used one too. I tried to get Jacob to, but he preferred his thumb (dentist said there’s nothing wrong with that)

    • This makes me a great-grand-aunt. I’m Lauren, Andrew and Jacob’s great aunt. OH, MY! Now I DOOOOO feel OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!!! LOL. There isn’t anything wrong with a child sucking their thumb. Buddy always sucked his two middle fingers and Anita sucked her thumb, too. They used to say it would make them buck-toothed, but that is not true. We lived through lots of things they say are dangerous now. We rode bicycles WITHOUT helmets and we did lots of things that parents don’t let their children do now. We climbed trees, and jumped out of haylofts in barns and played in mudpuddles and went swimming in dirty farm ponds and lots of stuff that is supposed to be so dangerous! And guess what! We lived to tell about it. We even played with snakes and turtles and other wildlife. You’ll have to ask your Dad about playing with turtles sometime. The stories we could tell ——!!!! LOL

  3. WOW! You have my best wishes and my sympathy. It’s been so long since my kids were babies I’ve forgotten just what all we had to have. Things are way different now. I know they MUST have a car seat now — not when my kids were little. No one had ever thought of such a thing back then. Heck we didn’t even have SEAT BELTS back then! much less car seats. They tell me everyone frowns on pacifiers now, too. I would have lost my mind if they hadn’t been around then. LIFE has changed so much since my kids were babies. But you’ll figure it out. Welcome to our world, Annie. Are you starting to feel “old” yet??? (Just kidding) I love you. Congratulations, Grands.

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