My Pet Peeve of the Week

I’m usually pretty mellow, but there are some things really get on my nerves.  This may become a regular feature on my blog.  I share with you my biggest pet peeves of the week.  This week it’s shopping carts left in the middle of a parking space.

Typical scenario:

I’m driving along and find a great parking spot.  I’m thinking to myself Ha!  I am the parking lot queen!I start to pull into the parking space only to find the reason why no one else took the spot – there’s a shopping cart sitting there… and it’s in front of the shopping cart bay.  Well, crap!  I am not giving up this spot.  So I say “Lauren, get out and move the cart”.  Lauren shoots me with the evil eye, gets out in a huff and moves the cart to the shopping cart bay.  Then I smile at her, and nod my head to say Yes, Lauren.  This is exactly why I had children – for things like this.  Now, there are two people that have been completely annoyed.  This makes for a bad shopping experience.

Shopping carts can also do a lot of damage to a car.  Some stray cart came crashing into my taillight a couple of years ago and because my taillight was all one piece, the entire thing had to be replaced and cost me $150!  I was not happy.

Shopping carts left in parking spaces makes me mad.  I always put them where they belong.  You should too.  And if you don’t want to put it back yourself, make your kids do it.  And if you don’t have any kids, make, adopt, or kidnap one so you can have one handy for things like this.


10 thoughts on “My Pet Peeve of the Week

  1. Marianne,

    You are always the voice of reason! I couldn’t agree more. I always take my cart back to the corral. I consider it the price for living in a civilized society. Unfortunately, I don’t think it even occurs to 99.5% of people to do so.

    There are a few things in life that should be considered unspoken rules, this is definitely one of them.

    Keep the pet peeves coming!

  2. That one really irritates me also. Even worse is when they put them in handicapped spaces. At least you could of gotten out yourself and moved it where as you can’t expect a disabled person to do that.

  3. I like putting my cart back into the corral..i count it as exercise, sometimes i run like a maniac and embarass my children.

  4. Yeah, I agree. Well, if I got a kid with me that can move it, then I kinda feel like I got a good parking spot with no trouble. But I do hate when people just leave the carts around. They probably had 50+ items and went through the “10 items or less” lane as well. I hate people.

    When you told me you were going to start a regular “My Pet Peeve” column, I thought I might do that as well. But I’m afraid my head will explode if I do.

  5. Hahahahahahahaha! You zeroed in on one of MY pet peeves, too, Annie! Nothing gets me madder — unless it’s idiots who park in “No Parking” zones. There’s a REASON those are no parking zones! Anyway, I always put the shopping cart out of the way of any parking spaces even if I don’t always put it in the cart corral. It’s frustrating that other folks aren’t as courteous to the general public. Thanks for helping me let off some of my own steam. You’re such a good egg!

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