Old Spice For The Old Man?

I’m just sitting here minding my own business.  I’ve got my earbuds in and buying new tunes for my iPod Nano.  Kim, my husband is sitting across the room, watching The Simpsons.  I’m not paying attention to anything going on around me until I happen to look up and see this commercial.

I have now declared this commercial to be my newest favorite commercial.  I’m just sayin’.  I had to watch it twice to find out what the product was.  I’m not much of an Old Spice fan, but I may have to give Old Spice another try.


12 thoughts on “Old Spice For The Old Man?

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  2. LMAO!!! Love it! My fave part… randomly saying, I’m on a horse.
    Marianne, where do you get this stuff?
    I miss your wacky self, girl.

  3. Well, since I AM officially “old”, I happen to like the smell of Old Spice. And since my husband is also officially “old”, he likes it too. He prefers English Leather, but Old Spice is good. I like the commercial — but the guy IS a little dab conceited.

  4. Hilarious, I missed that one because of my TiVo…and, uh, is there something wrong with going to bed before ten? not that i do that ever, but ummm..i’m not old!

    • Pffft. If you’re going to bed before 9PM, you’re old. And that’s screwed up, because I thought I was older than you. Ewwwe. I bet your fingers have that whole prune look – even without staying in the tub or pool for too long.

      • That’s a relief..I go to bed around 9:30p or so, but I ramble on and on until my husband starts snoring around 10:30 or later.. I am approaching 39 at a very slow pace, so no prunes here on my fingers or my plate…thhpppptttt!

    • I think it was either Old Spice or English Leather for my dad. It’s funny how something like cologne can ‘age’ you. lol It’s like going to bed before 9:00pm and getting up at 4:00 in the morning. I know when and if that ever happens to me, I’ll be officially ‘old’. 😀

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