And Me Without My Spoon

I had the whole house to myself this weekend.  It just kind of happened.  A nice surprise though.  Kim left for Nashville to see and old friend and decided to take Jacob with him.  Lauren got a call out of the blue and took off with friends for the weekend.  I’m left with the dog, the one-eyed cat and all the Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries® cereal I could possibly want.

I rarely eat cereal.  I’m more of a scrambled egg and turkey bacon kind of girl.  I figured I’d change it up a bit so I get a bowl out, the milk, and reach for a spoon out of the drawer.  Oh, but wait.  There aren’t any spoons in the drawer.  Not one.  I go to the dishwasher knowing that there will be spoons in there.  Serving spoons.  That’s it.  Where the hell did all the spoons go?  Are there spoon thieves running around the house?  There are forks and knives aplenty but where the hell are the spoons?!

This is like so many things that go missing in the house.  We don’t live in a big house.  I like it that way – less to clean.  Everything has it’s place and a place for everything.  Or so you’d think, but I’m constantly having to buy replacements.  socks, spoons, hair accessories (I have really long hair that I have to put up when I workout), etc.

I ended up on this crazy hunt for spoons.  Want to know how many I found?  Let’s see… There were three in my daughters room, two in the depths of the sofa and one underneath the entertainment center.  That’s six and still not all the spoons I started out with.  The search continues.  In the meantime, I have to buy replacements.  When and if there is ever a day when all the spoons have been found and are in one place, I will have to buy and equal amount of forks and knives.

Maybe I should devise some sort of sign out sheet for spoons.

Sidenote:  Why is it that every time I type in the word ‘spoons’, I always type ‘sppons’ and end up having to backspace. Also, I need to stop obsessing over sppons (see?!).

One thing I do keep finding around the house – those stupid little pull thingies from soda cans.  I stopped buying sodas last month, but I’m still finding these little things all over the place.


10 thoughts on “And Me Without My Spoon

  1. I had that happen to me also and I had to buy another silverware set. It reminds me of a story. One day several years ago I suddenly had no socks. So I go to my late wife and ask her “Where are my socks?” She replied “I don’t know what’s happening to them but I keep ending up with only 1 after I do laundry and so I have been throwing them away”. (lol, i still laugh thinking about it) I started laughing. (Note: I only have one leg) I said to her “I don’t take my shoe off my prosthetic leg so I have only been changing one sock.”

  2. I feel your pain, Annie! I have trouble keeping up with spoons too. Sooooo–I started buying BIG boxes of plastic spoons at Sam’s Club two or three times a year. No more trouble with spoons. Of course, you have to put a handful of them in the silverware drawer every few days but it’s better than chasing spoons all over the house! LOL

    • Hey, that’s not such a bad idea. But then again, I know if I started doing that, I’d start finding plastic spoons all over the place just like those pull rings from soda cans that I don’t buy anymore. I still might try it anyway. 🙂

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