Movie Review – The Book of Eli


What’s not to love about this movie?  The cinematography is great, the characters interesting, there’s plenty of action, some mystery, irony and cannibalism (if ya like that sort of thing).  And hellooo… Denzel Washington is the star.  This science fiction meets western, post apocalyptic movie kept me glued to the screen.

You find out pretty early that Eli, Washington’s character, is on a mission that involves the protection of a very important item – the last one of its kind, in fact.  He’s alone, but is determined to stay on the path he was given.  With all of the despair of the post apocalyptic survivors, once you find out the what, where and why of his mission, the movie gives you hope that Eli reaches his destination.  Eli is one bad-ass, let me tell ya.

Oh!  And there’s a twist at the end of the move that I totally didn’t expect and made me want to watch it through again.

I won’t say any more than that because I’m always afraid I’m going to give out too much information when writing reviews like this.  So just go see the movie.  We’ll have to wait and see for sure, but The Book of Eli will probably be on my top ten movies of 2010.

My rating for this movie:



8 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Book of Eli

  1. Haven’t seen the movie, but now I want to. Sounds like it would be pretty good. I like westerns and I LOVE science fiction, so I should enjoy it. Is it rated R? I don’t watch R rated movies. It’s a personal thing.

    • I forget what the rating is, but it probably is rated R. There aren’t any sex scenes or a lot of cussing from what I remember (but then again, most cuss words just go in one ear and out the other, for me) but some of the fight scenes are pretty graphic.

  2. Yes, the end made me want to review the flick again just to be sure the director and writers were being true all the way through. I don’t know though.

    Overall, a good movie and well worth my money.

  3. I saw this movie over the weekend and I had the exact same reaction as you. I loved it! I was discussing the movie with my fiance on the ride back to her house afterwards and we both agreed we want to see it again. There were some possible clues to the surprise ending and I want to see if there were more that had I missed. Did you go back in your mind and think of any yourself?

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