February 2, 2010nd – the beginning of the end…of LOST.  Kim is like some addict waiting for his next fix.  I don’t really watch much tv these days, but I’m looking forward to watching the last season.  You could visit ABC’s site and watch almost all of the episodes to catch up, but why would you want to do that if you can get it all in less than ten minutes, right here?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I only hope that I won’t be as disappointed as I was seeing the end of Battlestar Galactica.

Okay.  Time for a confession.  Until now, I never would’ve admitted to my husband that I am as big of a fan of Lost.  But I confess that love everything the show has brought.

The characters.  Oh my, the characters.  How can a person even choose a favorite?  I had a different favorite every week.

Questions.  I have so many questions.  Like where did Clare disappear to?  What happened to her?  Is she dead?  How did she die?  And why did she just leave Aaron?  Now that Juliet is dead (or is she?), what does this mean for Kate and Sawyer?  What about Jack?

Why did Daniel Faraday have to die?  Why oh why?

There are two people that didn’t make back to the island – and they’re both kids – Walt and Aaron.  Oh!  And what about Sun and Jin’s daughter?  Does she not count since she was born after Sun got off the island?  What does that mean?  Weren’t they all supposed to come back to the island?  Wait.  Both Ben and Locke were set out to gather everyone together and return them to the island, but I don’t remember Ben ever looking for the kids.

I could go on and on.  And I will…

All the mystery.  What the hell is the smoke monster?  Electro magnetic fields?  Time traveling?  An island that totally vanishes?  How is that Locke starts out paralyzed then not, then dead, then not, then in a coffin for real and dead?  Why would Jacob allow himself to be killed?  And why didn’t Locke (who isn’t really Locke) just kill Jacob himself?  Why did he have to get Ben to do it for him?  Then there are all the book references and did you notice that some of the names of the main characters are also the names of some famous philosophers?  What’s that about?  I’m going nucking futs trying to figure all this out.

ABC, please, please, please don’t let me down.  I want some satisfaction, some happiness and something not completely surprising and a little sadness is expected, but not too much sadness.

So what are your predictions for the final season?  Any theories on what started all of this in the first place?  Has all of this been a dream?  Or maybe it’s the imagination of someone who’s been in a coma?  Maybe this all really did happen.  If so, how will it end?  What will become of all the Lost fans once the season is over?  Finally, the numbers…Obviously not a coincidence they’ve appeared so many times.  What do they mean?  Does each number represent something individually, or all numbers as a collective?


One thought on “4-8-15-16-23-42

  1. Allow me…

    First, the numbers. If you recall, Hurley sees the numbers being put on the hatch (The Swan station) back in 1977. They were serial numbers. But if they are only serial numbers on a station, how did they become so much more? I think Hurley starts all that when he is back in 1977. Then that guy that he was in the crazy home with (Sam Tooey) hears Hurley saying them when he is stationed there in the 80s. Then he goes crazy, winds up in the crazy house and Hurley hears him repeating the numbers. The same numbers HURLEY repeated back in 1977.

    OK, that’s enough. I will say that TPTB (The Powers That Be) have said that it is NOT a dream or a coma or anything like that. So, yeah…

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