Pennsylvania, Vodka, Camping, and Club Nouveau

I checked my Facebook account yesterday morning and what did I find?  A message in my inbox from by best friend all through high school!  We lost touch after I separated from my first husband.  I have been trying to track this woman down off and on, for years.  In fact, I think the last time we spoke to each other was back in ’93 – 17 years ago!  Then out of the blue, she finds me?!  All of a sudden, my head is flooded with memories of Pennsylvania, vodka, camping trips, Club Nouveau and six-chamber bongs.

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Moving around as much as I did, sometimes meant losing touch with those closest to me.  My friends are scattered everywhere and it is hard to keep up with everyone.  All of my closest friends will tell you that it’s through their efforts, we have been able to keep in touch all these years.  They’re probably right.  Today, one of the ways I keep in touch with my friends and family is through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and of course right here – my blog.

Have you kept in touch with your closest friends?  Is there someone that you would like to get in contact with?  What have you done to find them?

Getting caught up with Laurie is going to be so much fun!  I love the world wide web.


11 thoughts on “Pennsylvania, Vodka, Camping, and Club Nouveau

  1. Ok, so I read Pennsylvania and IMMEDIATELY thought of squirrels, Hershey Park and umm, a couple of trips there with you and the kids. I don’t know that she’ll remember your little sister, but your little sister remembers her, tell her I said HI. And I know how close you guys were, and I’m REALLY glad that she found you.

    • It’s sad that I don’t remember the two of you ever meeting, but it makes sense. She remembers you. How on earth could I forget that the two of you knew each other? Me = getting old.

  2. I have kept in touch with all my closest friends….and it is because of my effort with you but you know I love you and i’ll keep harrassing you with my phone calls! haha. There is one person that I am plagued by thinking about and her name is Jacquie Cox…wtf….i have no idea why but i’ve searched myspace and facebook and I cannot get her out of my head…hmm…what is wrong with me i’ll never know but i’d be interested in catching up with her for some strange reason! 🙂

    • Yeah, I know. I can’t get rid of ya 😉 Seriously, I don’t know why I don’t base with you guys more often and I’m sorry. I will try to do better. I’m one lucky gal to have such close friends that have stuck with me for so long. 🙂 *hugs*

  3. I’m so glad you found your friend! Or that she found you — whatever! It’s the same thing. It’s so much fun to find someone you’ve been missing for a while. Like when I found you again on Facebook! I’m so glad we’re in touch again. I love your blog. You are very talented and I totally enjoy reading your stuff. And NO, I am not a bit prejudiced or biased about it.

  4. WOW its been long time since I hear that song. I did not have many close friends when I was younger. Maybe because I was backwards and sheltered. Anyways I have some close friends now and I hope not to lose contact with them.

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