Big Spoons, Bananas And The Bean

Ya ever just have one of those days… or months, when you’re just in a weird mood and it kind of freaks out everyone in the house?  My family has been subjected to my saying and/or doing strange things lately.

My latest thing stems from Switzerlandish People Don’t Use Forks. Tell Your Friends., a post by Bejewell (via The Bloggess).  I had to share the video on Facebook with friends and family and now you too.  I’ve repeated all the lines to everyone here in the house many times over.

Yes.  I know I need to stop torturing my family with this nonsense.  But I don’t want to.  What I do want is more strange and quirky kind of stuff to bug them with.  Do you have a strange or quirky funny video that’s caught your eye lately?  Share it with me so I can finally move on to something other than spoons and bananas.  My family will thank you.  Maybe.


14 thoughts on “Big Spoons, Bananas And The Bean

  1. I watched some stuff with my daughters that we laughed about and quoted..don’t know if you have seen the Salad Fingers clips by David Firth, it’s insanely strange. Just a suggestion, 😉 Leslie

  2. I was talking to your dad today on the phone and he asked me what your post on facebook meant about your spoon being too big. I confess, at the time I did not know — now I understand and I think this is incredibly funny! I confuse my husband sometimes with silliness too. He loves it really — he just shakes his head and smiles and goes on about his business. It’s fun isn’t it?

    • My dad. Yeesh. Ya’d think he’d get it. Anyone and everyone in the family would get that since that’s where I probably got my twisted sense of humor in the first place. What’s wrong with you people? lol

  3. Dear Marianne,
    It is a well known fact that you are strange. Its ok, we loves you just the same. Makes us feel better about being our own strange selves!

    This blog makes me want to sing about peaches, over n over.

    Carry on.

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