Wrath Of A Ten Year Old

Kim (my husband) and I don’t always agree on how to raise this little man of ours, but on this we agree:   Jacob (10 years old) can say anything he likes in private.  This means in his room, with the door closed, by himself, or at least out of hearing range from anyone else.

Jacob was really pissed at me the other night.  I don’t even remember what it was for.  He was probably whining about something after I told him he couldn’t have it or do it or whatever it was he wanted.  Kim told him to take a shower, mostly to get him out of our hair and give Jacob some time calm down.  Also, he was dirty.  Jacob stomped off down the hall.

Jacob usually ends up singing in the shower or talking to himself in some weird voice.  I only know this because there have been times I’ve had to go into his room for one reason or another (he has his own bathroom) and can’t help but overhear what he’s saying.

Jacob had been in the shower now for quite awhile now so Kim went to go check in on him.  Two minutes later, Kim came down the hall snickering and told me he had overheard Jacob talking.  Jacob was still pissed apparently because this is what Kim heard:

“Fine!  I’ll just leave you bitches!  Yeah.  I’ll just pack up and go!”

I have to admit, I thought it was hilarious.  We both laughed about it.  We couldn’t say anything to Jacob about what Kim had heard.  After all, we did tell him that he could say anything he wanted in private.

Jacob came down the hall a few minutes later with the biggest smile on his face and said that he felt better.  He walked right up to me, gave me a hug and what sounded like a sincere apology for having such a bad attitude.  Hmmm…

So now I’m wondering.  Did he feel better because he was able to let off some steam?  Is my ten year old now plotting his escape?  He knows how to use the internet.  Maybe he’s already bought himself a bus ticket to who-knows-where and is just waiting for that right moment.  Or maybe…maybe he’s plotting some kind of revenge on me?


13 thoughts on “Wrath Of A Ten Year Old

    • I thought about that as soon as I posted. lol No, he doesn’t know about it. Thank goodness! I wonder if all these little snippets on his life will determine whether or not I’m put away in some retirement home later.

  1. I think you are probably right that he had just blew off steam and may have felt guilty for having that thought.

    On the other hand you better look out for flaming bags of dog crap at your front door lol.

  2. Oh, Annie, that is TOOOO funny! Put yourself in his shoes. Just because he’s only 10 doesn’t mean he can’t think and reason — albeit, not as well as an adult. What would you have done at that age if you were angry? I’m sure you got angry with your dad a few times then. You’re doing a good job with him. Trust that things will be fine. One thing I do remember about being 10 (and that was a LOOOONG timer ago) is that I forgot about being mad at my mom within a couple of days most of the time — even when I had good reason (or thought I did).

    • Funny. Now that I think about it, I remember something about a babysitter who accused me of saying ‘bitch’. I don’t remember actually saying the word, but that’s not to say I didn’t. I think the woman just hated me. Bitch.

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