Game Review – Dragon Age: Origins


Archdemons?  No Problem.  I got it.

Dragon Age: Origins…done.  It’s 1:30 in the morning and I just defeated the Archdemon.  Now you know how I’ve been spending all of my spare time since Christmas day.  Yep.  Playing this game.  What is Dragon Age?  It’s a fantasy/action role-playing game (RPG) released in November of 2009, similar to others I’ve played like Oblivion or Fable.

My husband has been playing Dragon Age designed for the PC, but I played the game for the Xbox 360. From the comments my husband made, there are some differences in game play between the two. One difference he noted was on the PC is there seems to be unlimited saves.  However, on the Xbox 360, there was a limit of 30 saves.  Another difference are the tips or character/party statistics shown during loading times between scenes on the Xbox, while on there is nothing like that on the PC version.

One of the things I liked most about playing this game was choosing which characters I wanted to fight along side me, unlike Oblivion or Fable in which you fought alone throughout the entire game.  I also thought the dialog you can have between characters in the game was fantastic.  I even managed to have both Alistair and Zeveron fall in love with me, though neither worked out in the end.  The dialog between the characters themselves was interesting, amusing, and even got a chuckle out of me sometimes.  Some of the characters in my own party included Alistair, a fellow Grey Warden; Sten, who was bad-ass; sexy shape-shifter, Morrigan; Zeveron, the assassin and my dog, who I accidentally named “Dog” and had no way to change it later.

The main storyline along with the little side stories or quests were pretty good, though they could’ve tied up more loose ends at the end of the game like whatever happened to my dog or Alistair’s sister.  My husband and I play these RPG games very differently.  He’s more of a stick-to-the-main-storyline kind of guy.  I like to poke around and talk to everybody, completing as many side quests as possible.  We both agree that one of the coolest quests was ‘The Urn of Sacred Ashes’.  Having to go through the Gauntlet was pretty cool.  And I have to say, I did far better than he did.

I’ll play Dragon Age again, I’m sure.  My husband’s already played it two or three times and there’s always something new to do and so many ways the storyline can twist and turn.  I did discover that I need to learn how to set up my tactics for fighting a little better.  Next time I play, I think I’ll concentrate more on potion making too.  Compared to other RPG games I’ve played, I still think Fable II was better.

Have you played the game?  What was your favorite quest?  How did the game end for you?  Were you happy with how the game turned out?

My rating for Dragon Age: Origins:



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