Screw You… I Mean… Merry Christmas Momma

Wow!  This whole week was been absolutely crazy.  Yesterday was Christmas and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel or react to anything because of all the craziness.

I confess, I haven’t been working out or running like I should.  In fact, I haven’t really done anything since mid-October.  I usually go to the lake and run, but it’s kinda too cold for that now.  So I finally got off my ass this week and got myself a membership to Snap Fitness (24hr. access).  I’ve really missed going to the gym and having some time alone with my HRM, my earbuds and my iPod.  Merry Christmas to me. ツ


My daughter, Lauren, informed me this week, that she is moving in with her boyfriend of eight months and living with him and his father who, by the way, is an alcoholic.  She’ll be 19 years old in a couple of weeks and there’s nothing I can do about it except pray she doesn’t get herself hurt or land in jail.  While this was a major shock to all of my senses, I managed to keep my cool for about two hours before I started yelling at her about questioning her on her decision to totally screw up her life for some kid who’s been in and out of jail, violated his probation, and who’s father kicks him out of the house every time he’s drunk so he’s left having to roam the streets in the worst part of town.  But whatever.  All I can do is wait for her to come crashing down so I can pick her back up again learn another one of life’s lessons:  A couple can’t live on love alone or  You can’t demand respect from someone if you don’t respect yourself or Don’t move in with someone just because he thinks you’re cheating on him when you’re not.  Talk about wanting to beat the shit out of some people feeling helpless.  I have to drop her off at the bus stop on January 8th, her birthday.  Maybe that will give me enough time to smack some sense into my only daughter convince her to stay.

I won something!  I mean I actually won a trip… to Montana?!  Yep, that’s right, Livingston, Montana, to be exact.  I won it from Girls Getaway Guide.  The prize is a 4-night getaway to the Flatpenny Inn in Livingston, Montana.  After reading about Casey’s experience on the same trip, I am extremely excited about this trip!!  And this all fits in with my list of things to for my 40th year celebration.  This also means I got that gym membership just in time.  This trip is more motivation for me to get in shape.

Christmas day was filled with mixed emotions.  Kim, my husband,  is really upset that my daughter is leaving and it shows.  She’s broken into tears a couple of times because of the change in his attitude toward her.  He doesn’t realize the impact he has on her and there’s a lot of tension in the air between the three of us.

Jacob, my youngest, was thrilled with all of the gifts he received this year.  Santa left him a book with a note about Santa knowing about his dream to become a heart doctor someday.  He thought it was great that Santa even knew about that.  Everyone was happy with what they got.  I actually got two of the gifts on my wish-list this year and that was awesome!  I just wish everyone was happy with each other.

Did I mention we got a new car?  We did.  It’s a silver Subaru Legacy.  My husband doesn’t care for it much, but I like it.  It fits me really well and I look damn good in it.  So that’s good, since I do most of the driving anyway.

One more major thing that happened this week – one of my best friends was proposed to yesterday!  When Kim first texted me, I actually cried at the thought her and her boyfriend getting engaged.  I remember her telling me all about him that first day they met.  I am so very happy for her.  Kim, I love you, but if I’m not asked to be part of this wedding, I will hurt you. Oh shit…another reason for me to get back into shape, but this means a trip to Vegas for me.  Yayee!!

Yeah.  It was a crazy week, but other than the big “Screw you, Momma” I got from my daughter, my week was pretty damn good.  How was your week?

Girls Getaway to Montana at Flatpenny Inn

12 thoughts on “Screw You… I Mean… Merry Christmas Momma

  1. Annie, I see that you really had some week. Wow, a new car that’s awsome!! good luck to Lauren. Congrats on your win trip to Montana!!! Oh yeah, you already look great but good for you to hit the gym again.

  2. My children are seven and eleven, and I feel my grip on them loosening each year. I can’t imagine when it gets to the point that they are making big decisions that I cannot control.

    Good luck with your daughter. Hopefully she winds up on the other side, unscathed, with lessons learned.

    • Thanks Theresa. I tell ya, I think my dad really cursed me when he said “I hope you have a daughter someday and she turns out to be just like you”. If we could slap our parents for saying crap like that, it might make me feel better.

      But I am loving the car though. Nice.

  3. First off Congrats on the trip and the new car, lucky girl. I know how you feel sometimes Kenny and Sarah have some of that same tension and it’s just because he cares and thinks she makes mistakes she doesn’t need to. I remember making some of the same mistakes wish they could learn from us. Jake needs to be a heart doctor so when Kenny has a heart attack when one of the girls does something stupid we know someone that can fix him right up.

    • Parenting would be too easy if they learned from our mistakes, I suppose. And if we put bars on all the windows and doors and locked them in there until they’re 30 something, they’d call it abuse. Good grief.

  4. Mari-anne! I absolutely love you! You are by far my best friend and the most amazing funny crazy ass woman I know! Thanks for the shout-out in your blog….i would definitely have you inthe wedding…BUT we’re not sure how we’re doing it yet….AND unfortunately to everyones dismay it won’t be in Vegas b/c there is NO family out here except my parents 😦 BUT….there may still be room for a bachelorette party out here lol hehe….no lions in the bathroom or babies in the closet though (“Hangover” movie note)! I’ll keep you posted!

    • It was a tiger in the bathroom. I only remember this because I just saw this movie over the past week. I won’t remember that little tid-bit next week.

      And if not Vegas, then where? Maryland? That’s fine too. At least it would be a shorter drive for me.

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