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It was late, much later than I usually go to the movie theater.  It didn’t matter.  I had to see it after all the buzz on Twitter.  My oldest daughter (18yrs. old) and my youngest son (10yrs. old) went with me.  Just before we walked into the theater, it dawned on me that we weren’t given our 3D glasses, so I asked an employee about them and she told me that we weren’t seeing the 3D version.  Apparently this teeny-tiny town I live in is not up on the whole technology thing.  That sucked!  But I think there must’ve been a total of five other people in the entire theater with us so that was great.

The movie storyline is nothing new.  Good guy has something missing from his life.  Bad guy offers good guy a deal to get back what he’s been missing and good guy accepts the offer.  Good guy falls in love.  Good guy regrets his deal with bad guy and turns against bad guy to do what’s right.  Good guy and bad guy fight.  Bad guy dies.  Good guy gets what he wanted.  End of story.  I don’t have anything bad to say about the acting, although the characters were a bit dull and predictable.  Oh wait…  I have to say that Sigourney Weaver looks fabulous!

I have to agree with a lot of others who went to see the movie though, the CG graphics are amazing!  I only wish I could’ve seen it in 3D.  But even in 2D, I’d almost forgotten I was in a theater.  I kept looking for flaws, but I wasn’t able to find any.  I’m beginning to think that all those actors/actresses out there are going to be pretty much obsolete in the next century, except for stage performances.  Why bother with real actors when you can create computer generated characters that are better looking and can perform their own stunts?  No more need for stunt men and women.  All you need are voice actors.  I’m sure the costs are far less than having to hire a real actor.  But then again, what would we do without all that drama on the red carpet?

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Avatar

  1. I saw the 3D version this past monday at the local imax and it was great. It did take me a couple of minutes to get my eyes to focus correctly with those glasses but then agin I am 42 and on the verge of needing bifocals. There were many times that I felt like thing were going to hit me in the face or jump right into my lap. It was GREAT.

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