Tell Me Again, What Makes Her So Special?

I’m sorry.  Tell me again, what makes her so special?  I forget.  Oh yeah, she’s a celebrity, that’s right.  Now I remember.  She must be better than me.  She must be more important than me.  Her life is much more greater than mine.

Really?  I mean really?  I follow her on Twitter…for the same reason I follow everyone else.  I follow them like they’re my friendly neighbor and not like some idol.  I don’t value her opinion any more than anyone else on Twitter because she’s a celebrity.  In fact, I couldn’t care less that she’s a celebrity.  She’s not perfect by any means.  She’s just like me, only with more money.  So why is it that she gets put on some kind of pedestal?  Hmmm…

I think of celebrities in general, as providing a service to me.  I pay them for the service just like I would for the waitress who refills my glass with water when I run out.  And I dare say, the waitress works harder than this celebrity does.  I’d bet that waitress can look just as glamorous with makeup as she does too.

This celebrity uses toilet paper just like everyone else.  She is no better or any more special than you are!  So stop making her out to be.  Give me a break!


4 thoughts on “Tell Me Again, What Makes Her So Special?

  1. […I don’t know who this celebrity is that you’re referring to, but I agree with you that whoever it is, is the same as all of us peons. We all have the same basic needs and the same desire to fill those needs in whatever means affordable to us…]

  2. They don’t use toilet paper like everyone else. Our toilet paper is 24 rolls from Sam’s Club. Celebs use pieces of silk soaked in the tears of virgins overnight. Dumb ass.

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