Movie Review – The Blind Side


My husband and I saw The Blind Side over the weekend.  It was really the only movie we could both agree on seeing, but whatever.  Since I’m usually hanging around online, I hadn’t seen any of the trailers for it and had only heard of it through my daughter.  She seemed to like it.  Check out the official movie trailer. You’ll get the idea of what it’s about.

What you see in the trailer for The Blind Side, is pretty much what you would expect to see in the movie, only dragged out for almost two hours.  Two recurring thoughts for me during the movie:   ‘Wow!  He (Tim McGraw) looks great with hair and without the hat’ and ‘If that lady (sitting two seats over) doesn’t STFU, I’m gonna smack her’.

As the movie played out, I began to get this icky feeling in my stomach.  At first I thought it was because the woman who sat next to Kim (my husband) was totally obnoxious with all her ooo-ing and awww-ing during the movie, not to mention the ridiculous laughter during scenes which called for a chuckle and the quoting of lines from the movie (because it was that predictable).  But then I realized that it wasn’t just her, it was the movie itself.

[ SPOILER ALERT ] (not really)

Sandra Bullock’s character decides to take Quinton Aaron’s character clothes shopping, which is great.  Fine.  Okay.  Next scene starts with Quinton Aaron’s character getting out of the car at school (camera starts from the bottom of the car door then upwards).  The woman sitting next to Kim says “Awww, look.  He’s got new shoes.”  I thought I was going to puke right there or punch her, but I managed to get through it without doing either one.  That’s what you call self-discipline folks.

Although the movie is based on a true story, I found it patronizing.  I certainly didn’t think it was worth the $14 plus the cost of popcorn and a soda we spent to go see it.  Kudos to the cast though, I thought every one of them pulled off their characters well.

My rating for this movie:


By the way, we saw previews for Invictus, Brothers, and Date Night, all of which look really good to me.


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