Twelve Years Strong

I will have been married for twelve years this Saturday.  It’s odd to think I’ve been with the same man for that long.  It’s even more odd that someone has stayed with me for that long.  I can be a total bitch sometimes.  This post had started out really mushy and ended up being really long – too long.  So here’s the short version…

We’ve been through quite a bit over the years, having to deal with long deployments, the ex’s on both sides, our kids from previous marriages, the in-laws (again, on both sides), constantly moving, and a very difficult pregnancy with our son.  We’re one of those rare couples that broke the rules and have somehow grown stronger over the years.  The way we met was definitely unconventional.  And we married only two months after we met in front of a judge and one witness.  We’re still partners in life and love and I thank God everyday for having a guy that can put up with me.  While I may complain about him, I still love him.  Enough said.  Honey, I love you.  Plain and simple.

This weekend, we plan to celebrate our anniversary away from home and go on a real date!  We haven’t done that in…well, I don’t remember the last time we did that.   What’s your favorite wedding anniversary moment?  What did you do?  Where did you go?  How did you get rid of the kids?

I hate getting caught being all mushy.  So here’s a clip I ran across tonight to break the mushiness.  Aaaah…so glad I don’t have to worry about meeting poor guys like this guy.


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