My Christmas Wish List for 2009

Well, I hope you didn’t come here expecting to see some sappy post about how I wish the world were a better place to live in.  Do I wish for a better world?  One that we can all live in harmony and peace?  Do I wish to live in a world without diseases or hunger or discrimination toward race, religion, sexual preference, or gender?  Of course I do!  But you won’t find any kind of advice or story about that here.  Nope.

What you will find here, is what’s on my purely physical, selfish, materialistic, commercialized Christmas wish list for this year.  I’m not expecting to get everything on this list, but it sure would be nice.  Maybe this list will give you some ideas on what

to get for that special someone.  Or maybe not.  And think of all the hours you’ll save by shopping online.

Anyway, listed below is the name of the product, the price rounded up and the reason why I just have to have it.

Canon PowerShot G9

Price:  $500

I just know that there is a hidden talent buried deep inside me somewhere.  I need the right camera to get me started.  Oh, the great pics I could taking with this baby.  Then I could play with them in Photoshop and start my own photography portfolio like the big boys and girls do.

Barnes & Noble – Nook

Price:  $260

Truth be told, most of the reading I do is online.  But I’ve been known to pick up a book every once in awhile.  Articles from newspapers and/or magazines is more my thing.  It’s probably because I have a short attention span.  Think of all the paper I’d be saving by subscribing to some of my favorites, not to mention the space I’d be freeing up in the house since I feel like I have to save all my magazines.

iPhone 3GS 16GB

Price:  $200

There are a couple of reasons for me wanting the iPhone.  1) The phone I have now is very old and icky looking.  It’s got all kinds of dings and scratches on it now.  2) Hubby complains that I don’t answer my phone, but that’s only because I don’t like to look at my phone.  So maybe if I got one of these, I would answer my phone more often since this one is prettier.

Wacom Bamboo Fun

Price:  $200

If I had one of these, I would get back into drawing again and sharing some of my little doodles online.  Maybe I’d even re-open my old site so I could make some money for next years Christmas gifts.

Lab-Created Ruby & White Sapphire Gift Set

Price:  $90

I like pretty things and things that are a little shiny.  And this would look so pretty on me, don’t you think?

iPod Shuffle 4GB

Price:  $80

This would be a lot easier to fool around with while I’m out running or at the gym.  This is conducive to my overall health and well-being.  Enough said.

Dragon Age™: Origins Collector’s Edition

Price:  $75

I haven’t played a good game in awhile and I hear that this one is a lot of fun.  We have it for the PC, but hubby is always playing it.  So really, if I were to get this for the xbox, it would be one less thing we would have to argue about.

Exclusive Starbucks VIA™ Gift Pack by Starbucks

Price:  $40

I haven’t tried these yet.  I never said I had good reasons for wanting some of the things on my list.

Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Price:  $20

I’ve wanted one of these for awhile.  I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one yet.

Lounge Shea Socks – Blue with Snowflake

Price:  $8

I want these because my feet get cold and stay cold.  And when I crawl into bed at night I have to find a way to warm them up, so I wedge them between hubby’s legs.  But then he complains and whines about me doing that because he’s such a baby.  So this is really for him and not for me.  By the way, these are on sale right now – buy two pair for $12.  Cool.

Frosty Red Morning Mug by Starbucks Coffee 16-oz.

Price:  $7

Right now, I’ve only got two mugs that I actually use and they all just happen to be Starbucks mugs.  And I don’t have one with a Christmas theme.  Every coffee lover’s got to have one for the holidays.

Concentrated Room Spray – Winter

Price:  $5

Why?  Because it’s a decent stocking stuffer.


Hey, maybe I’m not so selfish after all.  There are a couple of things on my list that would be beneficial to others too.  I can’t forget to point out that gift cards are always a good idea in my book.  Sure it may not be as personal and I probably won’t remember what I bought with it by this time next year, but that’s okay.  So what are three things on your materialistic, selfish, commercialized Christmas wish list this year?  Maybe you could give me some more ideas.


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