In Search of Better Coffee

This is my plea for a better cup of coffee.  Any of my friends will tell you I’m a huge fan of Starbucks.  They’ve made so much money off of me every year.   And not just from coffee, but from their merchandise too.  Unfortunately, this is something I haven’t been able to enjoy since my move to Mississippi back in August of this year.  So I thought I’d write Starbucks a letter.

I’ve recently moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to a little town called Meridian, Mississippi.  When I lived in Little Rock, I had not one…but three stores within a 10mi. radius of my home.  I got used to that.  I came to love it.  Now, the closest one to me is 90mi. away.

Now look.  You have GOT to find a way to open up a store around here.  I’m going nuts.  The closest thing is a Joe’s Mug inside Books-A-Million.  Frankly, the quality just doesn’t compare to the Starbucks that I’m used to.  Not having a Starbucks around is just crazy!

Meridian is a big hub for tourists headed to Florida as their last stop before heading back on the highway.  There are hotels/motels everywhere.  Not to mention that this town also has a Mississippi State campus right here.

C’mon!  Make this happen.  It’s not just for me, but think of all the tourists that come through, having to drink all that bad coffee from the lobby or the gas station down the street.  Think of the business you could drum up.  Seriously!  I’m even willing to help.  What experience do I have? Absolutely none.  But I love Starbucks, meeting people, and the smell of Starbucks coffee at anytime during the day.  I’m energetic and fun to be around.  I’m professional and am eager to learn.  So what do you say?  Is there any chance of getting a store in Meridian, Mississippi?

Now with the holidays upon us, they’ve got those yummy flavors out.  Oh!  And all the great stocking stuffers.  What’s a gal to do?  I wonder if they’ll answer.  I wonder what they’ll say.  Do you think I’ve got a chance?  How many Starbucks stores are in your area and how often do you visit Starbucks?


6 thoughts on “In Search of Better Coffee

  1. I agree! Help Marianne out! 🙂 We have a starbucks on every block out here…Actuallly we have a million coffee shops out here and they’re all pretty decent on the level of Starbucks…maybe you should just move to vegas?

    • Yeah! Help a girl (or gal) out! 🙂 Thanks for the support girlie. As for Vegas… It’ll take more than coffee incentive to get me to move out there. You need to come to MS. Ya know, they have like horses and cows and chickens and dogs and all kinds of animals you could take care of. So how ’bout you two move out here? Huh? 😉

  2. I second that E-motion!! Go for it ‘gal! (heh) Seriously, I hope you sent it cos its a well written plea for better coffee, in the area. I think of YOU each and every time I go to Starbux (which is not often enough). MAKE them open a store there, with you as the manager! Robert and I were talking the other day, how we’d miss your xmas starbx goodies this xmas!

    Miss you, gal. Come back soon.
    ~ another Strbx fan

    • I did. I really did send it. lol And just like that too – word for word. Hey, I could definitely pull off being store manager. 😉

      Awww… I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss being one of Santa’s elves this year. 😦 That’s always been my favorite part about Christmas.

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