Waving To You!

So now you’re here.  First let me make it clear, that up for grabs are four nominations to receive an invitation to Google Wave.  These are NOT actual Google Wave invitations.  Basically, I nominate you, but Google actually makes the decision on whether or not to send you an invitation.  So even if you win a nomination from me, I can’t guarantee that you’ll actually get an invitation from Google.

My understanding is that there is a four to five day turn-around from the time you’re nominated to the time you receive an invitation.  This is just what I’ve heard.

One more thing… This game starts at 4:30PM and will end at 5:00PM central time zone in the US.

With that said, all that’s left to do now is answer the following question by commenting on this post:

What Google Wave feature do you think you’ll like most and why?

Nominees will be chosen based on what I find to be the most interesting or coolest answer and will be announced on Twitter, as well as a direct message.  Nominees will have to be prepared to send me the e-mail address so Google will know where to send the invite (if Google chooses).

That’s it!  Let’s see how quick you are. ツ


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