Sex Tapes

Okay so Carrie Prejean says that she was a teenager when she did this.  She shouldn’t have done it.  She should’ve known better.  Right?  Well, there isn’t one person in my world (small as it is) that can say they were immune to stupidity as a teenager – me included.

People were posting and criticizing the fact she made the tape to begin with.  Ummm…I’ll bet there are a few military wives/girlfriends out there that have also recorded themselves for their men.  I guess that makes me a sex-crazed sinner then.  Or maybe in my case it was okay, because he was on deployment and we are married?  I don’t understand how people can be so judgmental.  And I don’t get how people can be so hypocritical.

Oh yeah, and probably the #1 reason TMZ hasn’t released the video is because she was underage, so of course all kinds of other stories are coming out of the mystery of it not being released.  Stories like she did some kind of unnatural act in the video or someone else was in the video too….Whatever.

I believe her when she says she was alone.  I couldn’t care less, frankly.  It was private and meant only for her boyfriend at the time, to see.  She was a teenager.  She was “in love”.  When you’re that age, being in love means everything to a girl and she’ll do some of the craziest things in the name of love. I’m just sick of the hypocrisy.


3 thoughts on “Sex Tapes

  1. Just gotta make sure you ALWAYS have the evidence of said tape, IN YOUR own little hand. Always. That way, you can still sleep good at night, like… 20 years later.

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